How to Change Keyboard in iOS 8

How to Change Keyboard in iOS 8

With the release of latest iOS 8 we have received many new features which were really unexpected by the users. Introduction of third party keyboards was also one of them. If you want to witness the complete list of features you can follow this link: iOS 8 Review: Features You Need to Know. Yes its true, if you still don’t know, with iOS 8 release now you can download third party keyboard from Apple App Store like Android users. This is a great breakthrough since last seven years after the iPhone came into hands of people. Now you can customize and use the keyboard of your own choice without even having to Jailbreak your devices. Basically Jailbreak was to allow third party apps and tweaks by developers but Apple has tried to curb the Jailbreak tendency with this breakthrough. Now we will notice whether the thirst for Jailbreak is still there or calmed down.

iOS 8 Keyboard

On Apple’s official website,  a new QuickType keyboard has been introduced which has the ability to predict the text. This is the Apple’s default keyboard which comes with iOS 8. When you take initial look at this keyboard, it appears to be a normal one but with the passage of time, you start noticing its abilities. QuickType keyboard itself if a huge development which may not let you use another third party keyboard because of addiction. Here’s what Apple says about the keyboard:

iOS 8 predicts what you’ll likely say next.
No matter whom you’re saying it to.

Now you can write entire sentences with a few taps. Because as you type, you’ll see choices of words or phrases you’d probably type next, based on your past conversations and writing style. iOS 8 takes into account the casual style you might use in Messages and the more formal language you probably use in Mail. It also adjusts based on the person you’re communicating with, because your choice of words is likely more laid back with your spouse than with your boss. Your conversation data is kept only on your device, so it’s always private.

Now as it it s the first time for Apple users who never used to Jailbreak their devices, so there is a need to guide them in order to carryout smooth changeover of keyboard. Step by step process to change the keyboard in iOS 8 is given below:

Step 1: Open the Apple App Store and search keyboards. You will find several options over there. Select anyone of your choice and download it.

Step 2: Once the keyboard which you selected has been downloaded, go to settings > general, scroll down find and press keyboard tab. There are many options to play around with existing built in keyboard on this page. Select Keyboard tab again.

Step 3: Select ‘Add New Keyboard’, here you will find all or the only downloaded keyboard from App Store. Tap over it, this will take you to Keyboard main page.

Step 4: A pop up will come out asking you to Allow Full Access with options to ‘Allow’ or ‘Don’t Allow’. Here you have to press ‘Allow’ to give full access to the newly downloaded keyboard.

Step 5: Now the new keyboard is full functional. All you need to is to open keyboard to check its functionality in message or any typing place on device.

You can add several keyboards with full access after downloading them from Apple App Store and can simply swap between them by making use of Earth button at the bottom of Keyboard.

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