iOS 8 Release Date, Features Announced at WWDC 2014

iOS 8 Release Date, Features Announced at WWDC 2014

Apple has announced the latest version of iOS, that is iOS 8 beta at WWDC 2014 on 2 June. Here we will discuss the new fantastic features of iOS 8 that will enable you to update the experience from the previous iOS version, along with when you’ll be able to get it. In the latest version of iOS, some new features have been added and many existing features has been improved. Some of the key features of iOS 8 are discussed below. 

iOS 8

Release Date of iOS 8

The beta 1 version is out for developers only who are likely going to work on this all new operating system to make or update their apps compatible before the final launch of iOS 8.  You need to have a developer account at Apple official website if you are a normal user but interested to get new feeling before time. Over the experience of past few years we can easily predict the release date of iOS 8. Likely iOS 8 final version will roll out somewhere around Autumn maybe September or October this year. Usually this is the time every year when Apple releases the new generation iPhone with new operating system. So we can expect the iPhone 6 along with iOS 8 after around three months anytime.

1. HealthKit

Health kit is one of the new features that could be very useful for every person, since you can get all the information from multiple applications and devices for health and fitness. The Health app can monitor all of the metrics you’re most interested in using third-party apps, too. The Health app gathers info from your various fitness trackers and gadgets – with your permission  then puts all those stats in a single interface.

It might turn into a very important feature if the long-rumored iWatch arrives, in which sensors that track the wearer’s steps, heartbeat and other vital signs could be included.

2. Home Kit

Using this people would be able to control their household objects and appliances which may include door, lights, via their smartphones directly.

3. QuickType

Apple claims “it is sensitive enough to learn from your behavior”.For the first time, Apple is renewing its keyboard like this. The QuickType keyboard is such a wow feature that has been introduced in iOS8, for example; it supports predictive typing and can take context, such as the recipient – into account. It allows you to write a sentence in a couple of taps suggesting your favorite phrases. The new iOS finally supports context-sensitive predictive typing, giving you a list of words that you can use to make your text entry a lot faster. This new feature is so powerful and sensitive that it learns how you write and knows who you are talking with and adjusts the suggestions accordingly.   

4. iMessages

The latest audio and video controls make it very quick to record and send a multimedia file. The group messaging feature has also been updated with an option of muting and the option to join and leave groups. It features location sharing as well. And you can also share the recorded audio or video to the people in conversation.

5. iCloud Drive

Apple has declared that any kind of documents can be safely stored, accessed and edited in their devices with the help of advanced iCloud Drive. Now you can have the most up-to-date version of your documents easily available across all the devices, wether its an iOS device, Mac, Windows or PC, by making edits on any one of your devices. Apple may offer new iCloud storage tools that will allow the developers to use iCloud as the file system to share data in iOS and OS X platforms.

6. Family Sharing

As the name”Family Sharing” tells the whole story behind this new app. It is a total family thing, everyone will love using it. Family sharing has received some updates in iOS 8. Now a whole family can share calendars, photos, reminders, and photo streams across the family phones. Find My Friends position can also be shared with permission. Up to six family members who share one credit card on their accounts can also mutually share purchased items. Parents can also make Apple IDs for their kids so that to permit the children before buying anything.

7. Siri

In iOS 8 Siri has been looked to be getting much more improvements in its own as mentioned in the iOS 8 presentation. Siri updates include Shazam which includes song recognition and voice recognition, whatever song is playing on the radio. Shazam also lets you purchase the song on the iTunes Store. Siri dictation also provides 22 kinds of languages.

8. Photos

iCloud Photo Library has been launched in iOS 8 version, which allows better light and contrast editing in photos. It can automatically store all users photos and the editing they make, across their devices. This is also going to be introduced in OS X on desktop.

9. Notes With Rich-text editing

Dying to have the option of bold, italicizing or underlining your important personal breif notes? Then iOS 8 is the right update for you.The built-in Notes app in iOS 8 supports highly rich text.

10. WiFi Calling

Apple has supported audio and video  FaceTime calls over Wi-Fi networks for some time, but it seems that iOS 8 will bring the possibility of standard calls over Wi-Fi too. Carriers such as T-Mobile have offered this service on other smartphones for years, but has been excluded from the iPhone until now. T-Mobile has also confirmed that it will support Wi-Fi calling on iOS 8. This service gives you the ability to use WiFi networks to make calls. It is very useful when you are in an area with less cell coverage, but signals of WiFi will never let you down, it is more than capable.