Fix iTunes Error Code 1669 on iPhone, iPad, iPod

Fix iTunes Error Code 1669 on iPhone, iPad, iPod

Updating iOS in iPhone is a tough task for people who are not used to it on regular basis. Apparently  when everything goes smooth while updating the device, a sudden unwanted error comes up in the shape of iTunes Error. You must be updating iPhone 5 on iOS 7 and faced “error 1669”. This error may also occur on your iPad, iPod or any other iPhone but mostly iPhone 5 users are facing error 1669. Besides upgrading your firmware to iOS 7, you are also prone to error 1669 when you are restoring firmware on iPhone.

itunes error 1669

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Causes of iTunes Error 1669

If you are facing iTunes error 1669 on iPhone, you might be having some hardware issues:

1. In case you water is spilled over your device it is prone to suffer from 1669. However, water damage can be judged by a tiny red dot on the screen. In case you have spilled water over, it we suggest you to switch it off immediately to avoid further damage and take it to the nearest repair shop.

2. Restoring or Upgrading iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to iOS 7.

3. Problems in iTunes Software.

4. Apple Servers having some issues.

5. Using USB hub to connect iPhone with computer instead of USB port.

How to Fix Error 1669

We have found out that there are a couple of different methods to resolve iTunes Error 1669.

Method 1 to Fix iTunes Error 1669

Step 1: Uninstall the iTunes on your computer. Also make sure you remove the cache (open iTunes then press edit that is located on the tool bar and followed by click on Preferences > Advanced > Reset Warnings and Reset Cache). Now proceed to your hard disk C Drive > program files and there search followed by delete folder named itunes.

Note: If you have any libraries or locally cached data that you want to keep, temporarily store your data somewhere else until you get this issue resolved.

Step 2: Once the iTunes is completely deleted, download altogether new latest version of iTunes software from Apple servers.

Step 3: You Can Download the latest version of iTunes from this link and install it.

Step 4: Now connect the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to your computer whichever faced the error.

Step 5: Click on “Restore”, which will present you with a pop up notification saying a new version is available.

Step 6: Simply Click download and install, and relax.

The process should be completed and your error 1669 should be fixed.

Method 2 to Fix iTunes Error 1669

The other method is comparatively difficult but has more success rate as compared to the previous one. You would require to put the device into DFU mode on which the error is being faced. We have kept this as a second method just to ensure that there is no problem with your iTunes. Many users have fixed their errors making use of method 1. Make sure to create a backup of your device as this method will delete all data from it.

Step 1: Connect the effected iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to computer and start iTunes.

Step 2: Put device in DFU mode. [How to Put the iDevice into DFU mode: Hold power button along with the home button for 10 seconds. The release power button but keep on holding home button for another 5 seconds. The device is in recovery mode when there is an image saying to connect to iTunes.]

Step 3: On your computer you will see a new popped up message saying your device is in recovery mode and you need to restore it.

Step 4: Click on the restore button in iTunes.

Step 5: Once the restore process will begin, it’s going to definitely take sometime. If you already have a version of iOS 7/7.x.x IPSW file in your computer then follow this: Mac Users: Command + Alt, Windows Users: Control + Shift on the “Restore Button”. It will open a box, browse for your already downloaded IPSW file and click ok after finding it.

Step 6: After taking the required time for this process, your device should come back to life again. Restore your data from iCloud or wherever you have backed it up and you are ready with the updated version of iOS 7 / 7.x.x.