We are running this this small website as a joint venture which has multiple authors. Jailbreaking of devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod and others is a serious business and has been declared legal by the court. You need to follow the steps given by the authors in posts. Most of the topics covered in this website are related to Jailbreak, troubleshoot, iTunes error solutions, certain upgrade or downgrade guides and many more. Most of the guides are based on tests but in mobile technology there is no final solution as a result you have to resort to hit and trial methods.

In almost every post there is a disclaimer carrying remarks that in case of damage we will not be responsible. However, we must make it clear over here again as a policy verdict from Jailbreak Trend that in any case we will not be responsible for any kind of damage to the device, although there are very rare such cases but there had been instances where people BRICK their devices or lose some important data.

Secondly, users land up here for the solutions to their problems. As it is said earlier that there is no final solution in technology so there are chances that same solution may work in one case and may not give a successful result in another similar type of problem.

Third and the most important, we don’t host any file on this website. Even if there is a post to download a firmware or package, we only provide links to downloads from a third party source. Happy Jailbreaking!