WiFi Plus Cellular Data Adds Automatic Switching Option to iPhone in iOS 6 Beta 4

There is a small flaw in iOS so far which is apparently missing if we compare it with Android. If you have less WiFi coverage in some area such as lawn of your own house, garage etc where you want to make use of some heavy Internet usage but unable to do it due to slow speed or poor coverage. Now most of the time yo9u find yourself in such a situation and then convert to carrier or 3G services. There was a dire need for iOS devices to have the option to change network automatically which has now been added in the latest release of iOS 6 Beta 4.

WiFi Plus Cellular

With the launch of new operating system iOS 6 Beta 4 as usual something was expected. Some of the developers who have updated their iPhone to the latest beta version must have seen Wi-Fi Plus Cellular Switching option deep inside settings > Cellular. This tab shows up with the on or off switch which means that now user has the option to change over from automatic network selection to manual. Yes, you can cancel this option also for instance, if you don’t require the 3G network to take on every time and consume a lot of your money for unwanted things such as downloading of You tube videos, apps or games which can be done over WiFi as well with a little more interval. You can always wait for downloading apps but its really difficult to wait for sending or receiving important emails.

When the option is enabled it means you have allowed automatic switching from WiFi to Cellular network and vice versa but for when it is off then you have to manually switch as in iOS 5 or below.

If something important such as FaceTime call is connected, it will also not be interrupted as the automatic selection will take over. It is not yet clear whether Apple will allow 3rd party apps to make use of this important built in feature or not. But logically Apple must allow all third party apps to work properly with this updated feature because all the applications downloaded from Apple App Store are actually approved by Apple.

Lets hope for the positive input from Apple in this case otherwise Jailbreak community will have to take a step and develop some new Tweak for it! Apple has already declared some important features in beat updates such as VIP e-mail Inbox, Removal of You Tube App etc and there are many more expected to come with the final release.

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