Use Siri For Taking and Updating Notes

Speech to text and text to speech have been the most common requirements of technology users since long. There had been a number of software and hardware based solutions for this requirement, but the issue has always been its accuracy and reliability.  The solutions have improved many folds to meet the change and demanding requirements. Apple being the most popular technology provider in computer,mobile and music industry with Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod as its main products, introduced Siri application as part of its iOS 5 on iPhone 4S and iPad 3rd generation. Siri is a smart speech to text and text to speech conversion software with command execution features.


Whats Siri can do

As iOS 6 is about to be released with a number of new features and enhancements, Siri will also have enhanced features including multi-language support. However, Siri will only be available for iPhone 4S, iPad 3rd generation and the upcoming new Apple devices specially iPhone 5. Apple in preview of iOS 6 says about Siri that it understand more languages, works in more countries, tells latest scores and stats of your favorite teams, shows latest reviews on movies etc and can open apps without tapping by just asking Siri to launch X (X is App name) and even can post and update your facebook / twitter”

How to Take or Update Note with Siri – Step-By-Step

Step-1: Tap home button twice to activate Siri.

Step-2: Now say “Take a Note” and Siri will open “Notes” to start writing.

Step-3: Now say what you want Siri to write. For example say “its a Siri note”, and you will see this on screen:

To Edit Last Note – Step-By-Step

Step-1: Double tap home button.

Step-2: Say “Add to Note” and Siri will open last saved note for you.

Step-3: Say your text, and that will be added to the note.

Taking and updating Notes with Siri are as simple as above steps. Now start using Siri as your assistant.

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