How to Sync iMessage Between iPhone and iPad

If you own both the iOS devices, iPhone as well as iPad (whichever version) then you must want everything on both of them. If one of the app is working properly on one device, it should work nicely on other one also. There should be no reason that both don’t support any application properly. Both are Apple products running on the same operating system so they must be working fine together.


One of the great iOS application and feature is iMessage which allows you to send and receive messages from all those who are in possession of these apple devices. iMessage is a very important app with which messages are sent or received without making use of your mobile network provider instead it is sent through internet. Even you can use and set up iMessage on Mac OS X and this application can be used in the same way from your Mac computers.

Once you want to sync all your devices especially iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, they don’t, all the times. The issue is not very serious but requires some kind of verifications and that’s it.

Why iMessages Don’t Sync Automatically?

Logically all the devices working on iOS should synchronize with iMessage automatically but usually they don’t. The unreliable sync response troubles a lot using iMessage between an iPhone and another iOS device such as iPod Touch or iPad, most likely that is due to the Caller ID associating with a phone number instead of Apple ID. This problem is not very difficult to overcome, but we see it inherited in iOS devices. Either Apple doesn’t want to solve it or they are not even aware of the issue considering it to be a minor one.

How to Sync iMessage on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

  • Tap “Settings
  • Then Select “Messages
  • Inside messages options, scroll down followed by tapping on “Receive At
  • At the bottom of the iMessage account find “Caller ID” at the screen and tap on it.
  • Select the Apple ID  on the iPhone
  • Now close settings and repeat the same process on your other iOS hardware
  • Test by sending a new iMessage and check your iOS devices, they should now all be synchronized by now.

Please feel free to contact us trough comments if you face any problems while carrying out this process on iOS devices.

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  1. Dale Fletcher December 5, 2014 at 4:49 pm #

    The steps above can not be followed. Under Messages, I do not see a Receive At option. I have iOS 7.1.2 Please help

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