How to Install Windows7 On MacBook Pro With Retina Display [Tutorial]

Installing Windows7 on Mac Book Pro with Retina Display

Mac OS X is no doubt an ultimate OS but when it comes to gaming and other software, Windows is the most widely supported platform. So for those who have Mac Book and wants to enjoy the latest games at 2880 x 1800 resolution gaming you can install Microsoft Windows seven with few simple steps.

Its not that your Mac OS X will be removed but you will have both Mac OS X and Windows 7 on your Mac Book. The steps are simple and quite easy, however, in case of any trouble or issue related to data loss etc JailbreakTrend will not be held responsible and the sole responsibility lies on the owner. The procedure is tested and you can certainly follow it easily, though there are 1 in 100 chances of loosing anything on your Max Book provided you follow the procedure correctly. Installing Windows 7 on Apple Mac Book is not illegal, and Apple itself has provided a utility to install Windows 7 on Mac Book so definitely it should be considered safe.

Step-By-Step Guide to Install Windows 7 on Mac Book with Retina Display

  • Requirements

    • Windows 7 Installation DVD
    • DVD Rom
    • USB Flash Drive (Minimum 4 GB)
    • Internet Connection
  • Step-1. By using Spotlight from Finder Bar or Launchpad search for the utility “BOOTCAMP” and run it which will guide you in installation of Windows 7.Boot Camp Installer Welcome Screen for Windows 7 Installation


  • Step-2. Select the appropriate options from the BOOTCAMP screen. For installation from USB Flash Drive select “Create a Windows 7 Installation Disk”  otherwise leave the option unchecked and go-to step 4.Boot Camp Assistant for Windows 7 Installation


  • Step-3. Create an ISO image for Windows 7 using Windows 7 DVD using disk utility application.Create disk iamge using disk image utility in OS X
    • In case you do not have an optical drive you can use external DVD ROM drive or even can create an image on any other system (Mac or Desktop) and copy that to your Mac Book using USB Flash Drive.


  • Step-3. Now go to the save disk image file which will be of extension .cdr and change its extension to .iso. In case you have already copied the image in iso format from other system keep it like that.Change file extension frm .cdrto .iso


  • Step-4. After changing the file extension (Not a BOOTCAMP step), BOOTCAMP will ask you to create USB bootable drivePrepare USB bootable drive for Windows7 installation
  • Step-5. Download Drivers and Support Files from Apple Site for your Mac Book and save them on USB Flash Drive for later use (installation of drivers).Select to Download Drivers for your Mac in Boot Camp


  • Step-6. Create partition and adjust its size as per your requirement using the divider or select equal size to create equal size partition for Window7 installation. Make sure you adjust the size as needed as Windows installation itself takes up handsome amount of disk space and if you are planning to play games you definitely need considerable disk space for which I would suggest minimum 80 GB partition.Drag and resize partition for Windows7 Installation Disk
  • Step-7. After adjusting partition size for windows click on Install, but before your click install make sure that windows installation DVD is in DVD drive.


  • Step-8. After you click “install” your Mac will restart and boot from DVD. Now from Windows7 Setup, select your language and accept Windows agreement and then select “Custom”. After that you will be presented with below screen. Select BOOTCAMP partition as shown below and click next.Select Boot Camp Partition to Install Windows7 on Mac Book


  • Step-9. Windows 7 installation will start and will start copying necessary files to your Mac.Windows7 Installation Setup Will Start Copying Files to Your Mac Book
  • Step-10. On completion of installation, your Mac will restart. You Mac will now boot in Windows7 so do not get worried as its normal. Now on loading of Windows7, insert the USB Disk where you copied all drivers and Supported files and run the installer.


  • Step-11. Now your Mac has a fully functional Windows7 with all the drivers installed and working. If you want to set Windows or OS X as your Primary OS you can do that by launching BOOTCAMP from the right corner (where time is shown) the black square icon and select your primary OS.Select Primary OS for boot on you Mac Book


  • Selecting OS Manually on Mac Book. You can select which OS to boot after you have installed Windows7 on your Mac Book by just pressing options button while your Mac boots and you will be presented with option of which OS to load.

With completion of above steps you have successfully installed Windows7 on your Mac and can now enjoy latest games on your Mac Book with Retina Display.



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