Speed Up Youtube Video Streaming on iPhone, iPad with TCP Optimizer [Cydia Tweak]

You must be facing the problem of slow video streaming on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch especially with Youtube Application. The performance of video streaming overall is worst on iDevices and they require definite improvement. Now there is a solution for this but to increase the video stream speed on your iPhone you may require to take a step to Jailbreak your device. If you are running on any Beta versions of iOS 6 then follow the method given by us to Jailbreak your device, [Jailbreak iOS 6 Beta 3 10A5355d Using Redsn0w 0.9.13dev3 on iPhone, iPod] If you do not want to Jailbreak then forget about enhancing speed.

TCP Optimizer

We already know that Cydia Apps or Tweaks provide you something useful for customers. Such like apps are not allowed to be kept on Apple App Store that’s why they take shape of Tweaks. These tweaks are better because they provide you more utility at much better rates or even Free of cost.

If you have a Jailbroken device, you then you need to Install Cydia, [How to Install Cydia on iOS 6 Beta 3 10A5355d]. Now you need to add http://cydia.pushfix.info/ in Cydia. Once the resources are refreshed, search for TCP Optimizer Cydia Tweak in the list, tap install and confirm. TCP Optimizer is all new Tweak released on jailbreak Cydia App Store and this app claims to claims to dramatically reduce the load time on Youtube videos.

This great app optimizes your iDevice on the following values:

  • TCP Receive Buffer is increased
  • Disable TCP delayed ACK’s
  • Doubled the possible un-ACK packets (from 8 to 16 packages
  • Increases the package size

This application has the ability to change the original settings built in by iOS. TCP Optimizer enhances the speed of the TCP reciever buffer from 131072 to 292000, disabling TCP delayed ACK’s, allowing a maximum of 16 un-ACK’d packets instead of 8. It also makes some changes in default package size from 512 to 1460. The app also makes some other changes inside the device which not only helps in increasing Youtube Streaming speed but also WiFi internet speed. Such kind of alterations are never appreciated by Apple, that is the reason you need to Jailbreak your device. You have seen that by default, Apple has kept receiver buffer at low rate and Apple does not officially allow any app developer to fiddle with their settings. Those who do not like to Jailbreak their devices will have to watch Youtube videos at slower speeds.

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There are no known side effects of the installation but if you Jailbreak your device, a caution is that this process will void your warranty. If you are more interested in keeping the warranty element in your own hands and prefer watching slow videos, there is no need to Jailbreak it. As told earlier that there are no side effects caused by this Cydia Tweak but if you run into some problem, just remove the package through Cydia and then restart the device completely. This process will take you back to the original position from where you started.

TCP Optimizer Cydia Tweak is compatible with devices having iOS 3.1.2 or above and available Free of cost.


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