Sharp Confirms Shipping Screen Displays of iPhone 5 This Month

An important news for all those who are keeping a close watch on upcoming new 5th generation iPhone is that a Japanese well know firm Sharp has officially announced that they will be shipping Displays for the new iPhone during the month of August. “Shipments will start in August,” announced the Sharp’s president, Takashi Okuda.

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He did not provide any further information about the exact date of shipping. Apple is now increasing the screen size from its standard 3.5 inch display close to somewhere 4 inch as per the rumors which is around 30 percent bigger screen than the existing. There are several arguments between the iPhone users such as, we consume more media with games and web pages on iPhone, the need for a larger display becomes more apparent, others say that 3.5-inches is just the right size.

Sharp has not commented anything about their relation with Apple but the shipping of new displays for upcoming Apple iPhone are in August. However, this is the first time that a major supplier has  officially confirmed an unreleased Apple product, even if he didn’t give a more specific date for shipments beyond this month but a lot much is revealed.

The new iPhone 5 screens will be thinner as compared to  their previous models with the use of so-called in-cell panels. The new technology embeds touch sensors into the liquid crystal display, that will eliminate the touch-screen layer found in existing iPhone models.

We have seen that rumors are on the increase and looks like they are much more in number as compared to last year. Now this thing has also cut down the sales of existing iPhone 4S. Apple has shipped 26 million iPhone sets in this quarter which is 3 million less than what Wall Street was hoping for. Rumors always have a negative impact on the sales especially once the launch is imminent. Now there is hardly more than a month left in launch of 5th Generation iPhone so a lot of hype is there for the new set. Apple has increased the security of information up to a great extent but these rumors are bound to appear.

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