Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 4S Head to Head Which is Better

Galaxy S# comparision with iPhone 4S

Technology changes every day and so the technology gadgets. We come across new mobile phones almost every month by different companies and all of them have positives and negatives but definitely that depends upon the cost factor and type. Now a days rivalry between Samsung and Apple is well known by all of us, every next day there is a new  point from each side but as consumers shell we be bothered because of that? certainly not till the time these companies stop providing us with new and latest cell phones.

Each cell phone by any company is made to provide us with better options either in terms of cost or in terms of technology. But the fight between Samsung and Apple not only provides us with smart features but also benefits in cost too. Today we will show you two top of the line cell phones by these manufactures and their comparison.

Month of September is about to come and iPhone lovers are waiting for the release of iPhone 5 most of whose features we ave already discussed in other posts including Jailbreak iOS 6 beta.

  Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs  Apple iPhone 4S – The Comparison

Samsung S3 vs iPhone 4S

 If we start competing each one of these head to head you are going to come across many differences. Both are the latest devices by different creators so we have got together specs review below for you here to have a clear look:

Features Samsung S3 iPhone 4S
  • CPU
Quad Core  1.4 Ghz Dual Core 800 Mhz
  • CPU Technology
40 nm 45 nm
  • RAM
1 GB 512 MB
  • OS
Android iOS
  • Weight
133 gm 140 gm
  • Thickness
8.6 mm 9.3 mm
  • Download Speed
21 Mbps 14.4 Mbps
  • Upload Speed
3.0 Mbps 5.7 Mbps
  • WiFi
Yes Yes
  • Internal Memory
16 GB 64 GB
  • Screen Size
4.8 inches 3.5 inches
  • Navigation
Free Navigation Software Data Limited Free
  • Front Camera
1.9 MP 0.3 MP
  • SD Slot
Yes No
  • NFC
Yes No
  • DLNA
Yes No
  • Screen Resolution
720 x 1280 px 640 x 960 px
  • Battery Power
2100 mAh 1418 mAh
  • OS Updates
Indirect Direct
  • Internal Memory
16 GB 64 GB
  • Photo Camera Button
No Yes
  • Screen  Pixel Density
326 px 313 px

It is quite clear from the above comparison that Samsung S3 is far more better than iPhone 4S and there is a doubt in it. However, when it comes to stability and ease of use iPhone with iOS is better and this is the one point which really makes difference. If you are an iDevice user than you should be thinking to opt for iPhone 4S and that will be right choice if you do not want to use Android.

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