How to Reduce Parallax Motion Effect on iOS 7

A magical feature called Parallax, has been introduced by Apple during its Worldwide Developers Conference in June annual broad back. This feature has changes the point of view of the background image and icons to match the way you are holding the phone. It is one of the first features shown off with a background that moves when you move the phone. Simply wow. If you have not downloaded, do it now. If you have already updated to the new firmware which can be one of the unlucky ones who suffer from problems of severe battery drain. Unfortunately, this is always a problem when the new software is carried out . iOS 7 is full of new and old features that have been updated and all this will take a toll on battery life . Here are a few adjustments you can make in the configuration to help stop the battery runs out so quickly. [Read: Tips to Enhance Battery Life on iOS 7]

Parallax Motion Effect iOS 7

Parallax is a new renowned feature introduced in iOS 7. It is great fun for the users. In parallax effect the background image and icons on the screen move to match the movement of the device, it feels quite magical and amazing. Parallax gives the device a display with -3D effect and add depth to it. It is a great fun but some people prefer to use their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with as much less movement as possible. In other words it creates disturbance to its users.  And it obviously consumes more battery.

Reduce Parallax Motion Effect on iOS 7

To disable the parallax effect, simply follow below given steps:

1. Go to Settings

2. Tap General

3. Head to Accessibility

4. Reduce Enable Motion

This is how you are able to reduce the parallax effect. Touching on reducing the movement will open another screen with a toggle switch. By default, the circle will be placed on the left side of the oval. Just click on the circle to turn it to the right, turning the green oval and reduced motion. With reduce movement allowed the parallax effect is seen on the lock screen and home screen disappears. It can be a subtle change, but for some people is a big problem. If you wish to turn on Reduced Motion, tap on the white circle, and it will move the switch and it will green indicating it’s on. Try and solve your jeopardy.

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