Pinterest App for iPad Released and is Available for Download at iTunes

Pinterest is a fastest growing social network which is not as popular as Facebook but still has a millions of users with numerous page impressions per day.  We have seen many social networks growing in the past but Pinterest is second to none and has such a high rate of increase in traffic which is impossible to believe. It is presently ranked at number 38 in the World and receives heavy traffic of users everyday. The style of this social network is in the form of Pinboard where users can share favorite / unique pictures from anywhere online. Basically the site is for fun that fulfills the purpose of internet users who come online just to watch something new and unique in picture form. If you like some picture anywhere, you can upload or share from that particular page over to your account. With this feature you get the ability to pin your favorite pictures on this great pinboard. Your friends and other users all over the internet can view them if the picture is repinned by more number of users.

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There are many users over the internet who even don’t know anything about pinterest maybe due to the reason they don’t have time to look somewhere else other than primarily used social network. For instance any user who gets less leisure time, just hangs over to existing Facebook account and takes a look at latest updates from their friends or family. But those who have little more time for fun always want to make use of this time in looking for something interesting which is provided by this Pinboard community.

Now, as we know that the number of iPad users are increasing day by day so they also require to have some dedicated application for this purpose. We know that there are a large number of great social networks in the World with millions of users per day and they have dedicated apps on iTunes. So users must get something for this great social site as well that has been recently released.

Previous iPhone app has a two column layout for users which provided limited access but Tablet app for iPad users is not at all limited and provides same access which you can get over the laptop or desktop. With all new launch for iPad users, Apple has also updated the existing version of iPhone app for better user experience. Download this all new universal app which is absolutely Free of cost.

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Get ready to take more great pictures from your smartphone as well as tablets and upload via this app to the World. Keep following us on Twitter, Google + or Like us on Facebook to get the the latest updates.

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