Next Generation Macbook Would Wirelessly Charge iPhone, iPad, iPod

If you are Apple Products lover, keep loving them as you get something innovative from the same company every now and then. Apple has got a huge fan base just because of the new quality products launched every quarter. These products are not only famous in United States but people appreciate them all over the World. You must be knowing that besides smartphone devices and tablets, Apple’s major product is Mac which includes their most powerful most powerful operating system, OS X. In comparison with windows, Apple Macbooks are far better in performance but obviously they are expensive too.

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With more price, Apple products not only give a great look but provide hassle free performance. Now in year 2012 new 5th generation Phone is expected to be launched in September which is expected to be the best device in the World. Similarly next generation Macbook from Apple is also going to very innovative with a lot of new options which make user experience beyond expectations. The reason for what I say that you have more reasons to love Apple is that next generation Macbook from Apple will be having the ability to charge iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch wirelessly.

Now this is going to be a great innovation in the field of laptops. This is not a new technology but wireless charging has not been utilized by any other laptop company so far. Intel may adopt self-developed wireless charging technology into Intel-based ultrabooks as well as smartphones in the second half of year 2013. This is going to be a great news to see such feature exist in the upcoming generations of iPhone from 2013 onwards.

The news can also be confirmed with a report from Wall Street Journal about a year ago that Apple was experimenting with “a new way of charging the phone”. Please put us wise with your comments that you like the idea of wireless charging of iPhone through Macbook or not.

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