Customize the Lock Screen on iPhone, iPad, iPod with LockScreenCustomizer [Cydia Tweak]

The only way to give your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch a customized touch is through making use of some important Cydia Tweaks. If you want it to look somewhere different as compared to others and also different from how it looked like once came from factory, you must go for Cydia Tweaks to add customizations. Keep on adding such like customizations to your iDevices and enjoy a new touch everyday, every weekend or even on hourly basis.


LockScreenCustomizer is all new Cydia Tweak developed by Firemoon777 which as as good as any other Tweak. No new icon will be created after installation of this Cydia Tweak. Inside the settings, you have a number of customization options which allow a lot many options for Locked Screen of your device. Another good point about this Tweak is that once a new change is made, there will be no need to respring.

As the name indicates, LockScreenCustomizer allows you to make several customizations over the locked screen of iDevice.

Features of LockScreenCustomizer

Important features of this tweak is to hide the top bar of locked screen that shows the date and time over it. Some users like to view the clock from the locked screen while others don’t, so you can customize this option as well. You can edit the contents of status bar from the locked screen and make it appear like iOS 6 bar and also you can hide the lock icon from it. Now some users prefer neat and clean lock screen while others like cluttered so select as per your own choice.

When the device is being charged, a large battery icon is also shown over the locked screen which can be disabled if you don’t like it and in this case lightening bolt indicator in the battery icon will be shown. You can also make the selection to show you the battery icon over the locked screen whether it is being charged or not.

Another option is that you can disable the camera grabber which was introduced from OS 5.1 onwards. In that you can slide the lock screen upwards to directly switch over to camera application if there is a need to take photographs at faster pace. If you don’t want this feature, this can also be disabled.

Last option is that if you want to change the statement ‘Slide to Unlock’ to your own name or any other thing, that can be done easily.


Overall LockScreenCustomizer is a comprehensive Cydia Tweak which lets you take over the complete charge of Locked Screen of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch wherever you install it. The all new tweak is available in ModMyi Repo for free. For those users who prefer to keep adding some great customizations on their devices must give it a try. There are also some other tweaks which can make your Jailbreak experience even better such as Maximization, TCP Optimizer, Grafiti etc and many more.

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  1. Uhntiss! February 7, 2013 at 8:14 pm #

    Is there any way to remove the bottom bar?
    Everything except the slider!

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