Fix iTunes Error 3194 When Updating or Restoring iOS

In the series of iTunes errors, we have already given a lot many tutorials before and we are happy that many of our readers have sent their positive feedback. Now we are going to address another important error that is being faced by Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch users. Generally most of the times iTunes error 3194 comes up once you are updating or restoring your devices. It really becomes irritating once you are making yourself ready for a new or restored version of iOS, instead you face error. Such like errors come repeatedly until and unless no special action is taken to counter them.

iTunes Error

Out of all other iTunes errors, the most dreadful error is 3194 because it’s really more annoying and difficult to handle. you will find many other ways and means to fix iTunes error 3194 all over the internet. The tutorials even include You tube videos but all of them are not very authentic way of doing. If you make one mistake while following the process, the the device will go into the recovery or DFU mode and it will become almost impossible for you to get yourself out of this mode in simple method. Then you will have to waste much more time and if you are lucky, you will manage to get out of recovery mode without any help. We have a simple method for you as before and even if you have not anything of such kind before this, you are going to handle it very easily.

iTunes error 3194 How to Fix iTunes Error 3194

The process of exiting this most common error is much simpler than you would have thought.

1(a). For Mac Users: Press Command + G +Shift on your keyboard, type in /etc/ followed by Enter key.

1(b). For Windows Users: Go to this location: C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc.

Rest of the steps are same for both operating system users.

2. Now search for the file named “Hosts” in this location you have opened on your computer or Mac.

3. Once you have found the “hosts” file, open it with notepad or TextEdit (as an administrator on Windows).

4. When the file has been opened through Notepad or TextEdit, scroll down until you find the line

5. Either delete this line completely or put “#” icon just at the start of this line.

6. Save the file in same location on you personal computer of Windows or Mac operating system. Restart the computer to complete the  process. This time you will not find this error anymore.

In most of the cases we have found no complaints of further any such error but at times there had been instances where following all these steps have not helped the users. So it is a guide and not guarantee for our readers. In step no. 5 we have suggested you both the solutions of putting # sign or deleting the line completely. Our advice is that you should avoid deleting the line, instead put this # in the beginning of line. # sign also does the same function and we do not lose anything precious. Better to leave a chance for mistake as one can also delete wrong line instead of the one which was required to be removed. Iin that case you will have no way back, so make use of # sign.

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