Fix iTunes Error 2005 While Restoring Firmware on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

iTunes shows lot many errors while restoring, updating, upgrading or downgrading iOS on your iOS devices like iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Few of  these errors are specific with description, but errors with “unknown” title are hard to resolve without help from who know the issues and understand them in depth.

iTunes Error

We have been talking about these errors time to time with information on how to resolve these issues or errors. Few days back while I was under taking a firmware downgrade task using an old iOS version on my iPhone 3GS (off course using SHSH blob) I came across this strange new error. I tried to resolve the error but no success. After effort of half an hour I was able to over come the error but honestly I do not know how. That’s when I decided to study and get deep into it.

The Reason of Error 2005

Error 2005 occurs only because of un-sync state of a particular USB port of your Mac / Windows PC. The port can be a port of USB hub or a primary or secondary port of your Mac / Windows PC. (A primary USB port is typically installed at the back of your PC while the secondary USB port is the one brought to the front of your Mac / Windows PC using cable. In case of Laptops it depends on the manufacturing design and can both can be on either side of laptops.). The state can be due to a previous unfinished process, an unfinished or terminated USB buffer etc.

How to Resolve Error 2005

Error 2005 is not as big as it seems and can easily be over come with any of the procedures given below:-

– Restart your Mac / Windows PC.

– Change port on USB hub if using USB Hub.

– Change USB port from primary to secondary or secondary to primary.

– Change USB cable.

– Use external power USB cable.

The above mentioned procedures will help you overcome error 2005, however, error 2005 is an unusual error and normally comes up during restore / update process when the iOS device itself is low on power. Moreover, if you come across error 1394 you can see this on how to resolve error 1394.

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