Fix iTunes Error 1015 While Restoring, Downgrade or Updating Firmware

Want to Fix iTunes Error 1015?

Error 1015

Why Does Error 1015 Occur

This is an old error and many users having iPhone 3G / iPhone 3GS owners have encountered this error initially. But now error 1015 occurs with users who are trying to downgrade, upgrade or restore, their firmware on their iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, iPod Touch 3G, 4G and iPad 3, 2, 1 on any iOS 4 / iOS 5 / iOS 6 device.

When Does Error 1015 Occur

The 1015 error usually occurs at the end of the downgrade process when you are ready to reboot your device.

In the following section we will guide you on how to recover from error 1015. Please make sure that you have SHSH blobs saved with cydia or tinyumberella before embarking on this downgrade and 1015 iTunes error fix guide. Otherwise you will not be able to downgrade or restore to iOS 4.0.1.

How to Fix iTunes Error 1015

– First of all download iOS 4.0.1 ipsw firmware files

Put device in DFU mode as explained below:

Connect your iPhone to your computer.

Turn iPhone off.

Start itunes, hold Power and Home buttons together for 10 seconds or so.

Release Power button but keep holding the Home button until your computer recognizes a new USB device.

iTunes will now recognize your iPhone.

Note: Important thing is to note your screen must be black in color (blank). If it is not black then you are not in DFU mode, most probably you are in recovery mode. So ensure that you get into DFU mode for smooth running of complete process.

– iTunes will give error when you will try to downgrade. Don’t disconnect your iPhone, simply close iTunes. You will get “Connect to iTunes Screen” during this. If it is not shown, then restore your device again.

– Next step is to download Quickpwn

– Now go to C: \Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support and create a new folder and name it as “bin”.

– Paste all the files from Mobile Device Support folder into the newly created “bin” folder.

– Extract QuickPwn zip file you downloaded earlier and click pineapple icon.

– QuickPwn will ask you to power on your device. Follow the on-screen instructions to boot your device.

– As soon as Apple logo appears on your phone, immediately close Quickpwn and disconnect your phone from computer. If every thing went alright, your phone will boot normally with the downgraded firmware version.

– Before syncing your phone again with iTunes, go to C: \Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin and copy and paste every file to Mobile Device support folder and delete the “bin” folder.

This last step is important if you want your iTunes to function properly.

If you have followed this guide to detail then you will be able to get rid of the 1015 error without any problems and downgrade your iPhone to iOS 3.1.x.

Second Method – Fix iTunes Error 1015 Using LibUSB

1. Download and Install correct version (32 bit / 64 bit) of LibUSB here.

2. Download and Run Error 1015 Fixer Tool .

3. Run iTunes and when you get the error, click the button on the Error 1015 Fixer Tool which says “Fix My Error”

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