iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5C New Features and Specs Comparison

Everyone follows when Apple announces a new device. Supporters of Apple gets obsessed with the new advice and get keen to hit all the device details. Some feel the need to counter the passion and the rest of people enjoy if any one is owning or not. So today’s announcement of two new versions of the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5S and 5C iPhone is exciting for everyone. The problem is, how do you know that iPhone is right for you? The flagship of the 5S? The color of 5C? Or is that the iPhone 4S is good enough to meet your needs? We provide the new members of the family tree iPhone 5 and the side-by-side in a confrontation iPhone 4S specifications to find out.

The Difference Between iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S

Now that the iPhone 5S is here, the iPhone 5 existing users may be wondering what all the fuss is about and whether it worths the upgrade. For those who do not have an iPhone and are considering purchasing one, Apple has made the decision easy for you by the interruption of the iPhone 5 – so if you want the high-end model that you can only get the iPhone 5S now. The iPhone 5 will, however, continue to be supported by Apple in terms of updates, technical support, etc.

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What is iPhone 5C? A Colorful Improved iPhone 5

iPhone 5c is fresh, less expensive than the original iPhone 5. It has many of the same internal components as before, and as the biggest difference, it is available in five colors – green, blue, white, red and yellow – the complement that the dynamic user interface in iOS 7. Naturally, the new facilities could be more expressive of their personal style, and given phone reinforced steel, polycarbonate construction, it might be a better choice if you are prone to accidents.

iPhone 5C

In short, the iPhone 5 is a world-class smartphone and iPhone 5c continues the tradition with the same processor with excellent camera and screen. It also offers subtle improvements, like a new FaceTime camera is said to perform better in low light, and in some cases – such as the Sprint model – support for a wide range of LTE bands. That said, if you usually play your music through the speaker, be sure to compare the iPhone to the iPhone 5s 5c in the store before making a new purchase decision. Needless to say the smaller speaker grille on the iPhone 5c suggests that it is possible to find a noticeable difference in audio quality between the two phones.

iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5C

It’s pretty obvious at this point, Apple has released a couple of additions to the iPhone family. What is not so obvious perhaps, is that the iPhone “budget” 5C will take the place of the iPhone 5.

Does that mean it’s time to let go of your iPhone confidence in May and go looking for new number from Apple? Read on to find out the difference between the two models and what you get if you switch.

The Display is same

The iPhone 5 came out with a larger screen than its predecessor iPhone 4S, but the same can not be said of the iPhone 5C.

The display hasn’t changed one iota between the two models, each has the same 4-inch IPS LCD with an 1136×640 pixel resolution at 326 pixels-per-inch (ppi). Apple’s stuck to a smaller display as it sees it as an optimum size for one-handed use and multimedia consumption. In terms of picture quality it’s nice and sharp with punchy colours and excellent brightness levels.

Same Camera

The iPhone 5S and 5C also both have 8 megapixel camera, but as you’ve heard before, megapixels do not tell the whole story. 5S has a larger opening and CMOS sensor having an active area 15% larger. It is also surrounded by two flashes, one white and one amber, which should allow a better shot when you can avoid artificial lighting. You can also record slow motion video with the iPhone 5S, but can not with 5C. Whether that is down to the camera, the A7 chip, or both, remains to be seen.

iphone 5c camera

The iPhone 5C also come with LED flash that is in the iPhone 5 and get all the extra features too, like auto focus, hybrid IR filter, face detection and panorama.

As for video recording, again, nothing has changed. The iPhone 5C allows video at 1080p 30fps capability. The 1.2-megapixel front camera will record 720p HD video, like the iPhone 5 did.


Here’s where things get really interesting. The iPhone 5S is the first smartphone of 64 bits. It comes with an all-new A7 chip with 64-bit architecture. Apple also has what’s called a movement M7 co-processor, which should mean many more applications using motion tracking, such as fitness applications. The iPhone 5C on the other hand comes with an A6 chip – is basically the iPhone 5 with a new layer. Without any further proof that I can not honestly comment on how this will affect performance. But if the iPhone 5C behaves like the iPhone 5 will be faster for a premium smartphone. Here’s hoping that the iPhone 5S is an update. Apple does not usually say how much RAM you put in their smartphones.


You’ll get a slight improvement on the standby battery life from the iPhone 5, with the iPhone 5C giving you up to 250 hours of standby time, compared to 225 hours. The audio playback, video playback and 3G browsing will all remain the same, providing you with up to 40 hours, 10 hours and 8 hours, respectively.

Price Comparison

The 16GB iPhone 5C will cost you $99, while the 32GB model is priced at $199. Those prices are pretty much the same no matter where you choose to purchase your iPhone 5C on-contract, including directly from carriers like AT&T and retail stores like Best Buy. Walmart, however, is offering $20 off the iPhone 5C on a first-come, first-served basis.

A 16GB iPhone 5S starts at $199 on-contract. The 32GB and 64GB models are of $299 and $399, respectively. Just like the iPhone 5C, the prices are more or less set for the iPhone 5S, regardless of whether you buy from a carrier like Verizon or from Apple directly. But again, Walmart is offering a slight discount; albeit only $10 off on the iPhone 5S. Other retailers may also be shaving off a few extra dollars, so keep an eye out for local promotions.

 iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5C Specifications Comparison

  iPhone 5S iPhone 5C
Screen Size 4 inches 4 inches
Resolution 1,136 x 640 1,136 x 640
Screen Type/ppi (pixels per inch) LCD, 326 ppi LCD, 326 ppi
Weight 3.9 oz 4.6 oz
Chipset A7 64-bit chip, M7 motion co-processor A6 32-bit chip
Storage 16GB, 32GB or 64GB 16GB or 32GB
Connectors Apple Lightning Apple Lightning
Operating System iOS 7 iOS 7
Battery (in milliamperes/hour) 1,434 mAh, LTE browsing time 10 hours capacity unknown, LTE browsing time 10 hours
Camera 8MP, True Tone dual-LED flash, burst mode 10fps, auto image stabilization, 720p HD video at 120fps slow-mo, f/2.2 aperture 8MP, LED flash, 1.2MP photos, 720 HD video recording, backside illumination sensor, f/2.4 aperture
Networking Wi-Fi 802.11n (2.4GHz and 5GHz), 2G, 3G, 4G LTE Wi-Fi 802.11n (2.4GHz and 5GHz), 2G, 3G, 4G LTE
Colors Champagne gold, silver, black White, pink, yellow, blue, green
Siri Yes Yes
Touch ID Yes No
U.S. Price (with 2-year contract) $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB, $399 for 64GB $99 for 16GB, $199 for 32GB

Should You Upgrade from iPhone 5?

The iPhone 5 was launched in September 2012, but was suspended in September 2013. If you have one, you probably still is in the contract. Early Termination Fees (ETF) could make financial unattractive update.

If not in the contract, or is eligible for an upgrade, for whatever reason, there are only a few reasons to consider upgrading, and even then, only for the iPhone 5s.

The iPhone 5c is a repackaged iPhone 5 with a better LTE radio and FaceTime camera, and with new, colorful, polycarbonate casings. But they’re otherwise identical. Unless you broke your iPhone 5 and need a replacement, there’s no reason to make a lateral move.

The iPhone 5s will give you a better Apple A7 processor with M7 motion coprocessor, a better iSight camera, and the Touch ID fingerprint authentication system.

The iPhone 5 is still an excellent iPhone. The only reason to upgrade is if you need the new LTE bands, or just have to have the latest and greatest today.

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