Apple May Delay the Launch iPad Mini Till End of 2012

Apple Corporation

Financial position of a company matters the most when it comes to business increase and better future  investments. AAPL (Apple Corp) a leading technology developer renowned for its iPhone, iPad, iPod and iTV products has attained another milestone in stocks by reaching an al times high aimed release of its new iPhone 5.

AAPL stocks have hit all times high with an overall increase of 1.85% reaching US $ 648.11 amid news of new iPhone release expected Sept 2012. Investors are heavily putting in AAPL which has boosted overall AAPL stock position. While AAPL stocks have gone all times high it is predicted by many of financial analysts that the launch of Apple iPad Mini may be delayed by the company as it will not be appropriate for the company to loose another stock investment chance.

According to Crowell, Weedon & Co. Senior Equity Analyst James D. Ragan, Apple may release a smaller iPad (The iPad Mini) this year, but not at the same time as the iPhone. Mr.Jam D. Ragan  said, “I’m not sure it makes sense to come out with [iPhone 5 and iPad Mini] those on the same meeting, I think it steals the thunder from either one of them.”

With that in mind, it is expected that Apple may delay the release of iPad Mini. However, this can not be said with surety as this is just an speculation by financial analysts.

We have talked about iPad Mini’s release but most of us do not know much about iPad Mini except what name tells us. So here is what you need to know about iPad Mini from rumors on internet.

iPad Mini Expected Specs / Price

iPad Mini is thought to be a miniature of iPad from 9.7 inches screen to just a 7 inches screen. The idea behind iPad Mini is not just giving people with a smaller iPad business / entertainment tool but to compete the already in market Google Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Microsoft Kindle Fire with the more improved iOS features. As known that the iPad Mini will compete Google Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Microsoft Kindle Fire in markets, it’s price is expected to be in the same range as that of the other competitors.The conceptual image if iPad Mini is shown below:-

iPad Mini Picture

The expected price tag of iPad Mini is from US $249 to $299 which is very reasonable as compared to full scale devices. iPad Mini will have all the features of previous iPad 3 with iOS 6 as its OS which it self will be a great deal when marketed.

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