Top 15 New Great Features in iOS 7 Detailed Review

 In 2007 Steve Jobs introduced the world to the original iPhone. Over the years Apple has added many features to its software, but the overall aesthetics and navigation has remained virtually unchanged. iOS 7 has a few hundred new features, which has been released now, but these stand out to be consumpted as in recent months. Some are taken from other platforms, of course. These are given below;

ios 7

Bold New Look

Apple has completely overhauled the look of iOS version 7, from the lock screen and extends the default application icons, system fonts, indicators of the status bar, system elements such as notification Center and more. There are new sounds too, like ringtones and notification signal and a large amount of new information pleases one’s eyes in the process is not enough.

New lock screen in iOS 7

New Lockscreen iOS 7

Control Center

For most of the iOS users the Control Center is a very welcome addition. It was always a pain to sift through the settings through a series of taps just to access the brightness controls. Same is the configuration for Wi – Fi. Now, slide up just gives an easy access to these options and more like these. And the flashlight button is just to be turned on, when it is night is a great touch.

This feature may have been lifted from Android but worth it. Access to new sliding control center from the bottom of the screen. No matter what application – or even if the phone is locked – the new Control Center appears to provide quick access to useful functions: as Airplane Mode, Wi – Fi, Bluetooth, DND and rotation lock . You can also control the brightness of the screen, all the music is playing or touch buttons airdrop or AirPlay. Finally, there are four icons for specific applications: the flashlight, clock, calculator and camera.


Much has been said about the interface ” flatter ” iOS 7, but in general it is a welcome drink that makes everything feels cleaner and less crowded than iOS 6. In iOS7 icons are much more minimalist. Take, for example, the camera icon. Instead of a detailed picture of a camera lens, the camera icon is now dark gray with white lines. Other signs are leather background calendar.


Apple does not include technology in the iPhone 5 NFC (Near Field Communications), there was a lot of crying, even the commentators could not determine whether it was Apple or NFC community that was lost in the possibility of a mobile payment system. Apple introduced AirDrop, a peer-to -peer ad-hoc encryption Wi-Fi system and Bluetooth data transfer on their desktop OS Lion in July 2011.

 Apple is bringing airdrop 7 phones compatible to iOS7, that changes a lot. In practice, it is very simple: an icon of “sharing ” in an application allows you to send a file, or other data link for those who are prepared to receive. You choose AirDrop and you get a list of people in the vicinity. Click the icon and done. The receiver receives a message appear on the screen where you can accept or reject the data – photo, file, link .


In iOS 7 seems that Siri , Apple ‘s personal assistant , have more time to learn to pronounce names correctly. Discovered in iOS 7 beta by a developer,  Siri will ask users ‘ help to pronounce the names and learn the correct pronunciation. When Siri was introduced in iOS 5 with the iPhone 4S, many users found that the voice recognition software Apple struggled to pronounce many names. Users could not do anything to help Siri, except the names of contacts phonetic spelling change. When the user informed of the correct pronunciation Siri, the iOS update 7 will allow Siri to re-offer some options as to what the correct pronunciation is. The user can choose one of the options and Siri will save it and try to get back to that option thereafter .


A double-tap the home button displays a redesigned app switching view. In the past, the interface is limited to a row expanded small icons on the bottom of the screen. Now the multitasking view takes over the entire screen and presents not only an icon, but a snapshot of the application interface. The change not only makes it more appealing visual experience, but allows quick reference. For example, if you are writing an email and need to refer to the information on a website, you can make a quick reference to the Safari window from the multitasking view. It may seem a small change, but the impact on the efficiency of day is important.

Mail and Messages

Although the mail from multiple accounts still looks the same in the inbox, the app does something new that large consumers appreciate email: Swiping your finger to the right to the left through any email the inbox that presents options for shipping, storage, and disposal.

Timestamps traditional occasional application are kept, but can also reveal the message timestamps per message, dragging to the left. Editing and sending similar messages hidden in iOS 7.  To do this, hold down the message until the More button, then tap to activate edit mode. Gray circles on the left of each message, with a blue mark next to the message that has touched on. You can delete or forward the message, or select multiple messages, tap into their circles.


The most minimalist of Safari makes better use of the smaller screen of the iPhone.  At the top of the screen, the two bars-one for the URLs, one for the search-has been replaced by a bar, which can be used to enter either a search term or a URL. It makes much more sense and is a more economical use of space. Google is used as the default search engine.

Safari Tabs iOS 7

The menu bar at the bottom has the same controls as before ( forward, backward , sharing, bookmarks and tabs), but the icons are now blue outlines on a light gray background instead of full on white icons on a background blue. This new look tabs only appeared on iPhone iOS version 7. In the mini iPad, Safari still had a more traditional interface tab.

In the bottom of the tab view is a button to activate the private mode-Safari will not track history or cookies. When entering or leaving private mode, Safari asks if you want to close your existing pages, or keep them open. We wish it were a little more obvious when private mode is enabled. Below that there are options to share a Web page through instant messaging , email, Twitter and Facebook. At the bottom there are options to bookmark a page, add it to your reading list, home screen, copy and print.

Apple ‘s mobile browser is different, especially on the iPad: chrome white interface is semi-transparent, so that the colors of the underlying web pages show through. It is a good idea, but sometimes annoying , the browser will switch from yellow to white to gray as we change tabs. We’re not sure about the iPad redesign markers look good, that presents your bookmarks and folders as an icon on the grid instead of a list. Both iPhone and iPad versions of Safari have a unique address and integrated search bar and markers complement the reading list and links shared from your Twitter feed if you have Twitter integration enabled.


iOS 7 Camera

New camera app Apple has some new features, some of which you might like. The best feature is that you can shoot extremely fast clicking the shutter button. For instagram fans there is now an option to ” Square” and some filters built so you can make your pictures look old and washed before you open Facebook photo application. Other features are less prominent. HDR can switch on and off (although Apple never explains what HDR, an – apple – like) and while recording video, you can also take pictures of what you’re shooting – a feature originally made popular HTC.

Radio iTunes

The new Apple music service aims to take on Spotify, Pandora, Radio, Nokia Music and all the world to offer a music service free or ad supported. Like any other service you can create your own base stations to a single artist or a song and let it do the rest.  Apple says that the more you listen, the more personalized it becomes the station. Of course there is the option to buy the track on iTunes if you like both.

Notification Center

Notification Center iOS 7

Another staple of Screen Lock app notifications, now fade into view after sliding down from the top of the screen. If there is more than one notification and on the screen, others fade, becoming mostly clear for a few seconds to emphasize the new notification. As before, swipe a notification to take you directly to the application.


Features camera shot of applications remain largely intact, includes built-in filters. From the main screen, you can slide quickly between video, photo, square cropped panoramic photo and picture to select a shooting mode. With location, time and date that is associated with the photos, the Photos app introduces a new management system that automatically groups your pictures and videos on the basis of collections, times and years.

The filters placed in the camera application also applies to photos and you can place one of the effects of an existing photo in your collection,  just like Instagram or one of the many photo apps available. In addition to the filters, new sharing capabilities. You can use the new feature airdrop to push photos to your friends around you.


With iCloud Photo Sharing, you can select a sequence of photos to share a photo ( or times ) or video and add comments, other members who have access to shared photo sources can also add photos and comments, so that the activity of a similar social networking experience .

App Store

Adding an application from the App Store to your favorites list can be done by clicking on the Share button in the detail of implementation. You’ll have the option to share a link to the app with friends, gift or add it to your list of favorite products.

Viewing the App Store wishlist can be done from any where by tapping over the Favorites list on upper right corner of the screen. Then you can edit the list to remove applications, purchase applications directly. The process for adding products in the iTunes Store is the same. While browsing the iTunes Store, find an item you are planning to purchase and then click on the share button.

General Conclusion

There are many things that have not changed in iOS 7. In particular, we still can not change default applications (though as usual applications may have their own browser). But both have a very different experienc and once application developers have optimized their applications for this, you can not return without correct hits left useless.

But there are some features that have public visibility less-especially Airdrop that could have the greatest impact. The idea of mobile payments always moved around, but even just being able to transfer photos or URL to a large group quickly and wirelessly, is attractive.

Using gestures (which indicates the possibility of planning – large phones ) really speed up work, using testing iOS 7.  Android has the back button, which its devotees swear, iOS 7 introduces sliding back, which can be so dear. Apple Maps are also improving and representation in iOS 7 is more clear and the database of POI ( Points of Interest) is getting better. There are voice prompts to walk too. Personally, my experiences with Apple maps and directions are still good. And perhaps most important: with Android so dominant, and large screens so popular in Asia- that Apple needs to grow if it is to thrive-with an operating system that works well on multiple screen sizes is much more important than it was making a year back.

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