Download iOS 7 Beta 2 11A4400f with iPad Support

Apple announced new version of iOS 7 which was first beta in WWDC 2013. The first beta version was welcomed by all users but it missed out important support for iPad. For iPad developers, it was a shock that iOS 7 beta 1 was not made available for them. However, now the new update has been launched just after almost a week after WWDC 2013. Definitely the first beta version contained a number of bugs while the beta 2 has been released with important bug fixes and many improvements in the operating system.

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The iOS 7 beta 2 is now listed as build “11A4400f,” while the iOS 7 beta 1 was named as build “11a4372q.” The iOS 7 beta 2 has a number of important fixes as promised by Apple at WWDC 2013, which include the option to choose male or female voices for Siri, that has reportedly received a speed boost in the second beta release of iOS 7 and it also brings back Apple’s Voice Memos app, which was previously listed as “not available” in the first beta version of iOS 7. Also iOS 7 was already known to be adding some new camera features for developers, which now seems that new image detectors have been included with beta 2 release where you will also be able to distinguish characteristics such as blinking and smiles.

It is already expected to face some bugs on iOS 7 as it is in beta stage right now. However, it has been observed that first beta of iOS 7 runs very smoothly on devices like iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and even on the oldest supported device which is iPhone 4. So there are comparatively less number of bugs in iOS 7. For iPad users, iOS 7 beta 2 will be first exposure, so they may face some problems. The final version of iOS 7 is expected to be launched somewhere in this fall, before which all these issues are going to be resolved. The iOS 7 beta versions are available for free download if you are authorized developer. If you are just curious user who want to get the experience of upcoming operating system, you have the option to download it after signing up as a lifetime developer for $99 from here.

If you already have iOS 7 beta 1 on your device, you can update to latest version directly while if you are iPad user, you will have to download it from here. Prior to updating your device to iOS 7 beta 2, you must back up all your existing data on iTunes to avoid any disaster.

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