How to Fix iOS 6 Battery Drain Problem on iPhone 5

With the upcoming advancement in the field of operating system, we are facing several difficulties as far as the performance of gadgets is concerned. Once the new device is launched in the market along with several new supporting applications, it becomes a challenging task for the developers to create a device with great all round performance. But this is how the things go on. With the introduction of new 5th generation iPhone, a lot many new troubles came up with its release but most of the bugs were solved during the initial phase of launch.

iPhone 5 low battery

Battery drain was also a sour point of iPhone 5 which has created a lot of discomfort among users. Apple lovers would buy iPhone at all costs but if they face such a problem where they are unable to use iPhone for one day without recharging, then things may go wrong for Apple. There is no need to worry as every problem has a solution. Once I faced this issue, I also had similar thoughts like this is going to be my last Apple device and blah blah. Old users of Apple devices must be knowing that whenever some new iOS or device is launched, battery life comes up as a matter of concern for users. Once iPad 3 was launched we also posted some tips to enhance its battery life, [Tips on How to Improve Battery Life of iPad 3]

Root Cause of Problem?

Have you ever thought what is the issue? Whenever a new operating system comes, people complain about battery problems. Have you ever thought that Apple has paid any attention to this issue or not? If you remember every new device launched by Apple has improved version of battery and same was promised during the launch of iPhone 5. Some of the likely causes of this feeling maybe:

  • New iOS with new device comes in market with a lot of new features which force the people to use it more than normal hence the consumption becomes more than your older set and battery is drained sooner.
  • We are more conscious about the battery issue which gives us a kind of feeling that battery is falling down quickly.
  • There are a lot more notifications in iOS 6 which result in more consumption of battery if not turned off when not in use.
  • Location services consume a huge chunk of battery once it is active.

With all the above given points, it becomes quite easier to understand that why people face battery problems during initial phase of release. Many problems related to smart phone batteries are usually psychological. We are used to have phones with less features and once new version comes with more active applications, we face problem.

Steps to Enhance Battery Life of iPhone 5 on iOS 6

Now some typical steps to follow which will definitely improve the battery life of your iPhone:

  • Set Auto-Lock to 30 seconds.
  • Turn off any unwanted sounds, such as keyboard clicks.
  • Turn off the iPod EQ.
  • Use headphones instead of the speaker for music.
  • Reduce screen brightness.
  • Turn off Bluetooth when not required.
  • Turn off WiFi when not in use.
  • Turn off 4G LTE when not in use.
  • Turn off cellular app and media downloads.
  • Turn off push for most of apps.
  • If you want to use iPhone for apps only, keep it in airplane mode when no in use.
  • Turn off location services.
  • Turn off notification center widgets like stocks, especially weather.
  • Kill the apps which are running in background.

Plug in Your iPhone for Charging Whenever You Can

It is very important point to be remembered for users because mostly people are shy to charge their new phone frequently just because it is new. For further clarification of this issue we must tell you that there is nothing like overcharging or undercharging on iPhone. Do not hesitate to charge because you are afraid, what your friends would comment about new device. Just tell them, it is so good that you cannot keep you hands away from it which reduces battery life.

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