Tips on How to Improve Battery Life of iPad 3

Battery life is a sour issue and point of concern for those who spend a lot of money while purchasing such devices especially smartphones and tablets. Now there are a lot of battery related problems coming up with and are linked with these devices. Interesting thing to note is that more battery related problems are with Android devices but Apple is also getting closer especially after the launch of iPad 3. Apple iPad 3 was launched in March 2012 which was expected to be much better than iPad 2 in various aspects. To be honest it was a disappointment for the users, similar to the disappointment which was caused by the launch of Apple iPhone 4S.

iPad 3 Battery

Well, no issues so far because mostly new products come with a couple of new features but if the new products come with certain faults which make user experience worse, then users repent over their wasted money. Rating of new product also goes down after such incidents.

We have seen people questioning over the same issue again and again that they are facing battery problems on iPad 3. I have never seen so many complaints regarding iPad 2 but now there is nothing which can be done instead to live within the means. Apple iPad 3 is also claimed to be with 10 hours battery time which seems to be under certain conditions. iPad 3 is the latest Apple Tablet available with us so we have to manage till the launch of new iPad Mini. Apple launched newer version of iPad 2 in the shape which consumes more battery.

How to Improve Battery Life of iPad 3

If you own iPad 3 and are victim of this problem so there are several tips which if properly applied can improve the battery timings of your tablets.

Reduce Brightness

Reduction in screen brightness is the most important in improving the battery life of any gadget. You don’t always need high brightness while sitting indoor using tablet. Being user of iPad 3 you must have noticed that its display is really too bright and you need to reduce it a bit. Even if the brightness is set to automatic settings, still it is unbearable. Now this is one of the main reasons that your battery life is consumed at a faster pace.

Go to Settings >Brightness & Wallpaper and reduce screen brightness sufficiently followed by changing automatic settings to manual. There is no advantage of keeping the settings manual. With this change you are going to experience a definite improvement in battery life.

Turn Off Notifications

Similarly there is no requirement of automatic notifications. You can turn them off in through settings>notifications. Even if you turn off for some particular notifications where there is no requirement, some battery life is going to be preserved.

Disable WiFi or Bluetooth

During normal use of iPad, there is no need of Bluetooth. It consumes a lot of battery when on by default. Bluetooth should only be used by those users who are making use of external keyboard. Same goes for WiFi especially when you are not doing something related to internet such as playing games or editing documents. When you switch off WiFi as well as Bluetooth, it means there is no need of internet access, go to settings and turn on Airplane Mode, it will also help in saving some battery life.

Fully Charge Your iPad

Now this is very important to note as you must be thinking that you are already charging iPad to 100 percent. But the fact is that it is not completely charged as there is a difference of somewhere 5 to 7 percent. Once battery shows up to 100 percent, give it some more time and remember that you don’t need to be afraid of overcharging factor as it is not very important. This is only a myth that overcharging spoils battery negatively.

Turn off 4G LTE Modem

Try turning off 4G LTE Modem when not in use or when you are in low coverage areas. Once the 4G LTE is on, it also consumes a lot of battery during search especially in areas with less or no coverage at all. I have noticed most of that most of the users keep it on for no reason at all or they may forget to turn off, whichever is the case, it consumes a lot of battery power due to speed. If you have a WiFi facility available, make use of that instead of 4G. To turn if off go to Settings > General > Network through Enable LTE switch. If possible you can also switch over to 3G making use of Cellular Data switch.

Disable Location Services

Another thing which consumes a handsome amount of battery is through location services. This point also goes for the users with 3G / 4G models. These location services can be turned off through Settings > Location Services.

Turn on Auto Lock Feature

This feature is there to protect your battery. Some users like to see their attractive screensaver at the cost of battery all the time which is not required but if you want to preserve battery then enable the auto lock feature. Go to Settings > General > Auto Lock and select a suitable time for your iPad to sleep / lock automatically. If you have not done this so far, try it and notice improvement instantly.

Disable Push Mail

Last one but very important as this is something which is running in the background continuously and can be controlled. Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data. Manual settings will definitely give you the best desired results by enhancing battery life. Most of you must be having multiple accounts and each one will update regularly so better is to go for manual option.

Other Minor Tips to Enhance Battery Time

These are not very important but have a very little impact on battery related issues.

1. Keep the volume low if not required.

2. Disable Diagnostic & Usage Reports through Settings > General > About > Diagnostic & Usage > Don’t Send. This is enabled to keep user experience better by sending diagnostic reports to Apple. It is not going to consume much battery but disabling will definitely put a stop to some minor activity in background.

3. Turn off iCloud services when not required.

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