How to Setup iMessage on Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Apple has recently launched their new operating system for Mac OS X users, Mountain Lion. Mac OS X Mountain Lion was launched with more than 200 new features that too with a very less price of only $19.9 which is $10 less than last year’s Mac OS X lion. Now this is the cheapest operating system with so many features so will be definitely rated better than others. But you need to know the procedure how to make full use of interesting features of Mac OS X Mountain Lion. If you have downloaded your copy of new OS X, you must be looking forward on how to do various things with it.


One of the great features of Apple is iMessage which connects all Apple devices on iMessage. iMessage allows you to continue your conversations which you were doing on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch using the same application. The best thing about this application is that it is Free of cost and lets you connect with your friends on iMessage all over the World with internet connections only and no network coverage.

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How to Set Up iMessage on Mountain Lion

1. Search for iMessage icon at the dock and open it. The icon of messages application is of blue and white conversation style.

2. If you didn’t log in through at the start through iCloud, then you will be prompted with Apple Log in widow. Use your Apple ID credentials to access and then submit. This is how you start using iMessage application on your Mac Device.

How to Send iMessage from Your Mac

Now you must know that how to send the message using this application from Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

1. Open the same message application from the dock. If you have logged in using Apple ID, click on the create message button which is next to the search bar.

2. You will find an address book, just start typing the name of individual to whom you want to send message. Now a list of people from your address book will be shown up with iMessage icon associated with their names while others will be without the icons. You can only send message from here to only those who are having this icon in front of their names on the address book as they are only who are in possession of iPhone or any Apple device with iMessage option enabled.

3. Once you have selected the contact to whom the message is to be sent, just write it down and hit the send button.

How to add Your IM accounts to iMessage

With introduction of such a great application which is there to support all types of Apple devices anywhere, I think you do not need to keep any other third party messenger:

1. Open the iMessage application from dock and click on the ‘preferences‘ from top menu tabs.

2. From there click on accounts tab with @ sign.

3. In the left pane bottom corner you will see a ‘plus +’ sign. Click on it to add further accounts, from here you can add existing contacts from popular IMs such as Gtalk, AIM, Jabber and Yahoo. For each account, you will be prompted to add username and password from which iMessage will be able to access your account.

4. After this, your iMessage is now authorized to send or receive messages from these services also.

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