How to turn off GPS Geo-Location Services on iPhone to Protect Privacy

Privacy Protection

Well privacy is one fact in today’s devices and apps which gets public if the user has not much knowledge of how to preserve it. Most of us are concerned about privacy but few of us really know what all information is going out from our smart devices to public. A very general example was given by Mr Gary Kovacs CEO Firefox in TED talk while giving what information a general user gives away to the internet by tracking all that through Firefox Collusion [Video]. Well that’s just an eye opener for most of us.

The privacy protection provided in today’s technology systems like smart phones, computers, PDAs etc is decreasing day by day. As the more intelligent systems are getting better with the increase in demand of the comforts of mankind, the more privacy protection is being violated and in true sense we as users of these devices are getting what we require and forgetting or even over sighting privacy factor which may lead to difficult times in future. However, it is a good feature in Apple iOS which allows us to protect our privacy with respects to our location in particular.

Default Privacy Settings

By default iPhone resorts to tagging GPS and geographic information to the photos taken from your iPhone camera in EXIF data of iPhone Photos. As we have said above, this information can be disabled from your iPhone setting.

How to Disable GPS Tagging in iPhone Photos

The GPS geographic data tagging in EXIF data of iPhone Photos can be done by following these simple steps:-

Step-1: Go to Setting.

Step-2: Select General.

Step-3: Tap on Location Service.

Step-4: From the screen, select / tap on the ON/OFF button next to Camera. This will change the status from ON to OFF. You can use the other options as well to protect your privacy for Facebook etc by tapping ON/OFF against each option.

Step-5: Exit Setting by pressing Home button.

Note: These steps can also be used on your iPad for Privacy Protection.

With these simple steps you have disabled tagging of GPS data in iPhone Photos thus resolving your privacy concern. Now you can take pictures with your iPhone camera and share them on Facebook and other services while keeping your location information hidden from the world.

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