How to Open Links Without Switching to Browser Using BrowseInApp [Cydia Tweak]

Daily you receive some mails, messages or documents containing links from anywhere which are required to be opened. Whenever you tap over them, a browser usually safari on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is opened to view that particular page directly. Notice that there are two things happening, one is that the app which was opened primarily exited and secondly, a new window is opened up wasting some of your time and memory of device. Besides this, once a new window is opened in iOS, you need to close it properly otherwise it remains open. This exerts more load over the system as a result the speed and response of your device becomes slow.

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This is the problem, although small but to be avoided. There must be a minor modification in your operating system so as to achieve the desired results. The result we want is to get the links and webpages or links opened up within the app. For instance, if you have receive a link in a message, and you tap over it so a small browser should open up within the messages application. At present, the message application is closed and the same link opens up in a new window. This wastes a lot of time and slows down your system by consuming more memory.


As we can see that this problem was required to be solved by addition of kind of In App browser. Apple has not cured the problem so far and there can be no application for In App browser so last resort was Cydia Tweak. We have also seen that if In App browser has to be opened in all apps containing links then there must be some alteration or fiddling to be done with operating system which Apple doesn’t allow to their developers. So on Apple App Store there can be no such In App Browser type application.


Recently,we have seen all new Cydia Tweak which solves this issue and lets the Browser to open within the app containing links. The name of this all new Cydia Tweak is BrowseInApp with a price of $0.99 available in Bigboss Repo. BrowseInApp Cydia Tweak makes such modification in the existing iOS that once the link is tapped, switching to Safari is avoided and a new In App Browser is opened within the existing app. BrowseInApp is compatible with iOS 4 as well as iOS 5.


Provided you are connected with internet, otherwise you will not be able to browse through the window. If you are not connected with the internet, mail app will also not work but you will still receive messages containing links. Without internet connection, if you tap over the link, BrowseInApp will open without switching to Safari but page will not be able to load. In this tweak you have the option to select or deselect the In App browser ability means you can enable or disable the function of app through settings.

Remember that in order to get this Cydia Tweak, you need to Jailbreak your device which will allow you to have access to number of other great Cydia Tweaks also such as Grafiti and TCP Optimizer are the latest ones.



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