How to Fix iPad Wi-Fi Poor Reception Connectivity Issues

Are you one of those victims who has purchased a new iPad now and facing WiFi connectivity issues? there is no need to worry at all as you are not the only one. A lot many people who have bought new third generation iPad have faced this problem. It feels really bad once you get new thing, open its packet and then it doesn’t work properly. But this is how the things go and always there are some problems with new devices which have solutions as well.

iPad 3 WiFi Issues

So, if you are iPad 3 user or even user of iPad 1 or iPad 2, you still can face the same problem and fox holds good for all generations of iPad. The first thing in poor WiFi connection is that you cannot see any signals on left top corner of your tablet. The first thing which comes to mind is that, to hell with this device and lets return it back to Apple for refund. If you have this thought, wait for a moment and follow the steps given below as the fix is simpler than you could have imagined.

Fix New iPad WiFi Connectivity Problems

Step 1: Open Settings and tap on “General”.
Step 2: Tap “Network” and tap “Wi-Fi”.
Step 3: Tap the blue arrow next to the wireless router from which you are connected.
Step 4: At the next screen, tap “Forget this Network”.
Step 5: Go back to WiFi through settings and once again rejoin the same network that you forgot.

Alternate Method to Resolve iPad 3 WiFi Poor Connection

After finishing all these above given steps you should now have full reception bars visual on the left top corner of iPad but still if WiFi signals dont show up, there is an alternate simple method to follow:

Step 1: From Settings, tap over “General” then “Reset”.
Step 2: Next Tap on “Reset Network Settings”.
Step 3: Reboot your iPad.
Step 4: Connect to the same wireless network again.

For old Apple products users, these steps are simple. But we have elaborated step by step method in detail so that an all new user shouldn’t be confused that how to reset network or how to forget a network. If we have helped you out keep following us on Twitter, Google + or Like us on Facebook to get the the latest updates.

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