How to Enable Emoji Keyboard on iPhone with iOS 5 and Higher

Everyone has seen the original iPhone keyboard because it is used for performing almost all the tasks as a Phone or as a device. If you have arrived at this page via Google then you must be having a fair idea about Emoji Keyboard so you can directly proceed to subsequent paragraphs.


What is Emoji Keyboard

Emoji Keyboard is used to show all types of gestures. Emoji characters are the gestures with whom you all must be familiar. The Emoji picture characters, were originated from Japan and now are standardized with maximum number of phones supporting them. Today you can see millions of conversations daily done with these characters out of which use of smiley and sad face are at the top.

Emoji Keyboard is Supported by Which iOS

Before the release of iOS 5, there were no customizations available for keyboard on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Till iOS 4.x, all types of iPhone keyboards used to be installed as separate Apple or Cydia Apps. From iOS 5 onwards, Apple has added native custom keyboard options and especially for the most desired Emoji Keyboard as well. If you have a device already with and you with operating system iOS 5 or above then you must enable Emoji Keyboard.

Secondly if you were existing user of iOS 4 or below and recently updated your operating system to iOS 5 then delete all the existing Apps which were installed for emoji keyboard and simply enable it. There is a small process required to enable to Emoji Keyboard in iOS 5 or above about which we will be guiding you below:

How to Enable Emoji keyboard on iPhone

To enable International Emoji Keyboard follow the procedure given below:

1. Tap on Settings icon.

2. From there go to General.

3. Followed by International.

4. Here you will find Keyboards, Tap over it.

5. Now tap on Add New Keyboard.

6. You are almost done, just scroll down in the list shown and find “Emoji” keyboard. Now you have your Emoji gestures to use everywhere in email, SMS and notes etc.

Why You Should Enable Emoji Keyboard

1. Adds gestures to iPhone and even iPad or iPod Touch keyboard which are usually required.

2. A huge list of gestures almost covering about anything you have ever thought for.

3. Emoji Keyboard which is pre-installed with iOS 5 is naturally linked with Gmail and other places where you type making use of keyboard.

4. Gestures add beauty to conversation and they are one of the basic requirement of present day.

5. There are no additional charges for it and once enables it is very simple to use.

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