How to Create a New Contact on iPhone from SMS Message

How to add new contact on iPhone from received message. Most of the numbers we receive through certain people are in the shape of text messages. It is a daily requirement as a mobile phone user that either we have to send or receive numbers. You must have also noticed that Nokia’s Send Phone No option is also not supported by iPhone as well as few other smartphones so the best option available with the

In older versions of phones it was very simple to save new contact but as the technology advances things become easy to solve but difficult to understand. Screen of iPhone is too much cluttered as compared to interface of other mobile phones that it really becomes difficult to know what are the key functions especially for a new user. This guide is for new users who have just switched over to iPhone. Once you get SMS containing a number, the worst thing is that you have to memorize it and then dial it from the same cell phone. In almost all the modern phones you have this ability that you can save a new contact from within the received message. Best part of this guide is that it is not a common Tweak for which you have to Jailbreak your cell phone and even there is no requirement for any new application from Apple App Store. This function is built in by default in your iPhone.

How to Save New Contact on iPhone from a Received Message (SMS)

Coming over to the process which is too simple and when you’ll come to about it, you are going to say, was that it? Follow the instructions given below:

  • When a message with number is received, open it and tap on the blue arrow button on right side that message From here you will be taken to a new page with some options as well as the option to ‘create a new contact‘.
  • Tap over ‘create new contact‘ or ‘add to existing contact‘ wherever you want it to be saved.
  • Type the new contact name.

That is all and now you have done by either adding or updating new number in your phone book. Keep following us on Twitter, Google + or Like us on Facebook to get the the latest updates.

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