How to Buy Cydia Tweaks, Apps and Themes on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

We are going to post these tips for the Beginners as they always face problems in purchasing Cydia Apps from their Store. Cydia App Store is available only in case if you Jailbreak your device, for instance you can use guide to Jailbreak iPhone, iPad or iPod on iOS 6 Beta 3. In next phase you have to install Cydia to get the access to their App Store.

Cydia Apps

What are Cydia Apps

After you have installed Cydia you get the access to their store in which several Apps are waiting to improve your end user experience on this device. Jailbreak tweaks generally fiddle with the iOS and make some apparent changes which is not liked by Apple and that is the reason such like apps or tweaks are never approved by Apple App Store. But you get several advantages by using Cydia Apps and make apparent changes to iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Similarly, there are several themes which are available on Cydia and if you select some of the top themes, they totally change the interface of your device. These tweaks and themes add so much beauty to device that I have seen number of people being convinced on Jailbreaking their device. The o0nly problem is that you have to make a decision, if you Jailbreak it, you will be no more part of Apple Warranty.

How Purchases are Done Through Cydia App Store

Next issue comes on when you want to buy something from Cydia App Store. Generally users, who are new to iDevices, don’t have idea how to buy these apps. This is a difficult process which needs some guidance and we are here to provide necessary information.

Remember that you have to link your Facebook or Google account with Cydia Store and purchases will be made through either Amazon or Paypal account.

Guide to Buy Tweaks and Themes from Cydia App Store

Tap the Cydia icon on Springboard:

Step 1. In the bottom of Cydia interface, tap the sections tab.

Cydia InterfaceStep 2: Search for Tweaks and then tap over it within sections. We are doing this as we have to install Cyntact.

Cydia TweaksStep 3: The new page will open up as shown below. Tap on Cyntact on this page.

Cydia CyntactStep 4: Another new page will open up in which there will be option highlighted to purchase package in $1. If you want to proceed tap on it.

Cydia Cyntact

Step 5: If you are logging in for the first time, there should be some authentication. You have the option to log in using either, Facebook or Google Account. Most of the users have Facebook accounts that is why we will also show you the process of logging in via Facebook.

Cydia Store Login

Step 6: After tapping on ‘Connect with Facebook’ icon, you will be taken to the authentication page. There you have to link and authorize you Facebook account with Cydia.

Cydia Login FacebookStep 7: Log in and authenticate with username and password.

Step 8: Once you have logged in and account is linked, a new page will open up in which there will be option to ‘Link Device to Your Account’, tap over it.

Step 9: You will be taken then to payments page where you will be able to see payment options with Paypal or Amazon account.

Step 10: Further, there will  be two more options, one is to keep my account information saved with the payment of $1 while other is without saving account information on the file. Select whichever option you like.

Step 11: From there you will be take to Amazon or Paypal account. There you will log in again and then authenticate payment. Keep in mind that payment is made to SaurikIT, LLC.

Step 12: Now a transaction pending window will be appeared. This window updates every 15 seconds as Amazon tries to process your credit card.

Step 13: Once the payment is successfully done you will see Transaction Status ‘Success’. Press the ‘Close’ button on the top right of the screen.

Step 14: You will notice yourself back at the Package Details page for Cyntact but instead of a purchase button at the top right you will see the ‘Install button’. You will notice the name of your account and a message, ‘Package Officially Purchased’.

Step 15: Tap ‘Confirm’ button on the top right corner to begin installation.

Step 16: When the installation is complete, ‘Restart Springboard’.

Step 17: Your iPhone will now start normally and Cydia Apps can be successfully purchased.

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