How to Add New Sources / Repo to Cydia on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

This is the most important question which comes up to your mind after Jailbreak that How To Add Cydia Sources to iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G –  iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad 1 – iPod Touch 4G, 3G and 2G.

Why to Add Cydia Sources

Adding of Cydia sources is as important as Jailbreaking of device. If you ask yourself why there is a need to Jailbreak your device, there is a simple answer that you can enjoy a lot many options and applications on device. Cydia sources actually provide you the access to download various applications which are there in the form of Tweaks as well as Themes. Most apps on Cydia are usually free but at times you may find some apps costing a couple of bucks. Purchasing of paid apps from Cydia Store is not as simple as getting from Apple App store however, it is important to know that how to buy, further read, How to Buy Cydia Tweaks, Apps and Themes.

Let me warn you in advance that you may have to face some problems after installing Cydia apps on your iPhone or iPad which can be solved after lot of efforts but there is no use of Jailbreak if you do not add Cydia Tweaks, Themes or Apps on device. Still if you are convinced that there is no need of Cydia apps, in my suggestion do not Jailbreak your device.

What are Cydia Sources or Repositories

Cydia sources or repositories are the places from where you can buy paid or download Free apps from Cydia Store, it can only be done after you have added some sources. There is a long list of sources available but you actually don’t need to add all of them as almost all the apps can be found through few great sources. Some names are very common about which you must have heard before such as BigBoss, ModMyi, etc and many more. And if you have not heard follow this link for the list of great repositories.

How to add Sources / Repo to Cydia

Once the device is Jailbroken, usually Cydia icon appears on the springboard. Adding Cydia Sources is one of the simplest method, but the thing which is difficult is to Jailbreak the device or recover from errors.

Step-1. Tap on Cydia icon over the springboard.

Step-2. A welcome message of Cydia app home screen will be visual with a cluttered interface containing many options. In the bottom of that page, find Manage and tap over it.

Cydia Welcome ScreenStep-3. In the next screen you will find three main options Packages, Sources and Storage out of which you have to tap over Sources.

Step-4. In the new page you will be able to see the list of sources already added. If you have recently Jailbroken your device the page will be empty without any sources or repos yet. On the top right corner of same page tap over Edit > followed by Add on the left top corner which will be appeared after tapping on Edit.

Step-5. Once you will tap Add button a new pop up will come out with the options of Add Source or Cancel containing a space for link with http:// sign.

Step-6. Select the URL of the Source which you want to add and then tap on Add Source. It will show you ‘Verifying URL’ message and after it is verified, Return to Cydia button will appear. Once you will return, a new Source will be visual on Sources page from where you can buy apps or Tweaks.

Following this method you can add as many sources as you want. Keep following us on Twitter, Google + or Like us on Facebook to get the the latest updates.

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