How to Fix Sound Problems of iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 on iOS 6

If you are here it means definitely you are facing problems related to sound on your Apple iPhone 4S or iPhone 4 especially after upgrading to iOS 6. It is really annoying when you have such an expensive device in hands, paid so much of money for it but it has no or very less sound. Primary purpose of phone is sound and if your device doesn’t fulfill this purpose, one feels irritated. Well this is not a serious problem to solve, just you have to follow this post and go through these steps in order to get rid of sound related issues on your iPhone 4S or iPhone 4. [Read: How to Fix iOS 6 Battery Drain Problem on iPhone 5]

iPhone Sound

We have seen numerous people complaiting about this problem and even we have seen that some try to get this issue resolved directly by Apple. Now it is really expensive and time taking to get your hardware repaired by Apple, especially once the simple solution is there. Generally there are two types of problems related to sound which come up in iPhone:

  1. Not able to hear System Sounds like keyboard clicks, lock/unlock sounds, and certain system notifications.
  2. No Alert Sounds like phone calls, text messages, or email notification sounds.

How To Fix Sound Issues on iPhone

Method 1: DFU Restore:

Don’t directly think of hardware repair initially when some sound issues arise. There can be simple solutions to these problems as well such as a DFU restore sometimes is sufficient to fix that. DFU restore is a very simple and easy process which can be done by following method:

1. Connect your iPhone to iTunes and hold down the sleep plus home button for 10 seconds.

2. If you see an Apple logo, you have held on too long. After that leave the Sleep button but keep holding the Home Button for another 5 seconds. But you See a “Plus Into iTunes” screen, it means you have held on too long so start from the beginning.

3. Once the process is complete and screen remains black, then your iPhone is now in DFU mode.

Method 2: Replace the Dock Connector:

If the first method doesn’t work, you have to go for this one as it involves hardware changes. If you are facing any of the sound issues as described above then there is a 90% chance that there is some problem with the dock connector. Before buying a new dock connector, go to a friend having same version of iPhone as yours and check whether it solves your problem or not. This is the cheapest / easiest way. Nowadays you can find iPhone in almost every home. Replacing Dock connector won’t cost too much and nor takes a big chunk of your precious time so replacing the dock connector is the best solution for fixing the sound of your iPhone.

Method 3: Contact Apple:

If both these methods don’t work, you can contact Apple for the solution taking it as a last resort. But as told in 99% of cases you are going to solve this issue in first two methods.

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