How to Fix Slow App Store on iOS 6

Apple App Store is the place where you get number of applications and games out of which some are free while others cost some amount. But the problem is that with millions of apps, it becomes difficult to search for the target on Apple App Store. Lately Apple planned to make a program where you can easily search for apps. Apple App Store is the market which has actually raised the popularity of iPhone or iOS based devices. Now Apple is serious to improve their store with some new look.

App Store New iOS 6

As a result with the launch of iOS 6, there were some changes made in Apple App Store that can be observed by those who are using it. Likewise, in upcoming versions of iOS, we are definitely going to see more improvements in this field maybe with the launch of iOS 7 and above. Users of iOS 6 must have faced difficulties as far as the slow loading of Apple App Store is concerned. We have seen many complaints over the Apple official as well as other forums related to this problem. People who are using the latest iPhone 5 with A6 processor expect their device to perform faster than previous ones. If the new device with a higher cost is not performing up to the desired standards or expectations of people, it creates discomfort among them.

Same happened with in the case of Apple’s all new operating system, iOS 6. The slow loading of Apple App Store is a serious issue which exists in all devices. Those who have upgraded their old devices like iPhone 4, iPhone 4S or iPhone 3GS to iOS 6 thought that the problem of slow loading is because older devices have slower processor. But actually the case is different and the solution of this problem is very simple rather much more simpler as you might have thought. [Read: Install iOS 6 by Preserving Baseband on iPhone, iPod]

Fix Slow App Store on iOS 6

Besides this, there are also some other issues also which are being addressed as and when required like, How to Fix iOS 6 Battery Drain Problem on iPhone 5. Following are the steps to be taken if you want to get rid of Apple App Store slow loading issue on iOS 6:

1. Open Settings, tap over “Privacy” and then find, “Location Services”, tap over it as well.

2. Scroll down to the bottom of screen to find and tap on “System Services

3. Look for “Genius for Apps” which is presently at ON position by default, flip the switch to OFF.

Slow App Store Loading

That is all. You are done, save and exit settings, and try to open Apple App Store now, which should load normally. If still the problem persists, you can ask us here in comments.

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