Famous Jailbreaker P0sixninja (Joshua Hill) Leaves Chronic Dev Team

We know that Jailbreak is a time taking and lengthy process. Only those people who are eagerly waiting for such developments, come to know that how much work is done while performing such tasks on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch devices by Apple. As the Apple is improving upon their security standards day by day, so more hard work may be required to find the loopholes in their operating systems. No one can deny this fact that a lot of efforts were done by various well known figures who are related to Jailbreak community. Joshua Hill, known as p0sixninja is a talented person and was also one of the active member if Chronic Dev Team who released the recent Untethered Jailbreak of iOS 5.1.1 with their Absinthe 2.0.4.

Chronic Dev Team

Hill has recently announced on his twitter account that he is leaving Chronic Dev Team by saying that he is longer associated with them. He also added in another tweet, “it was never about the money for me.” No one can make out what is behind this latest development but the sad point is, a great contributing member of Jailbreak community has left the ground. He has made a lot many contributions in the field of Jailbreak and the most important was Jailbreak of iOS 4.2.1 in which all credit went to him from Greenpois0n. That was the most stable development so far released. We still remember that after waiting for a long time it was Joshua Hill (p0sixninja) along with his team who were finally successful in making a breakthrough.

He is a very nice gentleman and never had a problem with his colleagues so nothing can be said so far about the reason why he has departed the team. His departure from the Chronic Dev Team doesn’t mean at all, that he has left iPhone World completely. We hope to see him soon maybe working alone or with some other team. However, if he has decided to leave this work completely (which is least expected) then it would be a definite loss for the Jailbreak World.

No one is really sure so far that what are his further plans and where he wants to go for his future prospects. Our well wishes are with him because his contributions for Jailbreak are unforgettable. We wish him a best of luck for whatever he does and hope he remains in the same field. We will keep you updated on the subject, keep following us on Twitter, Google + or Like us on Facebook to get the updates on all such subjects.




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