What New Features You Should Expect From iPhone 5

What you and we all should expect from our favorite brand, Apple’s 5th generation iPhone is a very important question these days. Everyone who is waiting for the launch of company’s biggest ever iPhone has only one thought in mind that will it be a same kind of disappointment as in case of iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S or it will be better. What iPhone 5 has to offer you is accurately difficult to tell but we have to draw our lines and think for a moment that what can be practically built. Do you think that Apple is going to make some special thing which may be able to change the dimensions of smartphone? If this is what you or we all are thinking then rest assure that iPhone 5 is going to be a huge disappointment for us. In my point of view there are not going to be much physical changes, however, those which are expected are:

iPhone 5 Concept

Apple iPhone 5 Size

Nothing can be said definitely as all are rumors about size of iPhone 5 while none of the news is official. Keeping in view the rumors and result of other devices such as Samsung Galaxy S III, we may take this point into consideration that Apple might be planning to launch a bigger sized iPhone as compared to previous generations. Now there are also variations in terms of size, some rumors say that iPhone body will remain of the same size and only screen size will be increased while others say that whole length of iPhone will be longer. In my opinion, we must not expect new iPhone to be longer in size. iPhone 4 and 4S were perfectly shaped and any newer version longer in size will become difficult to slip inside the pocket. This is the same problem which HTC, Samsung and Motorola users are facing. They have made colorful mobile smartphones but carrying them while traveling is a difficult task.

Apple iPhone 5 Specs

Take a look at iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S 3 in which Samsung seems to be the winner. Now despite its uncomfortable size, Samsung Galaxy S 3 has won the competition against Apple iPhone 4S as far as the specifications are concerned. But remember that iPhone 4S was launched last year while Galaxy S3 was launched in early 2012. Logically we should compare iPhone 5 with Galaxy S 3 when it will be announced. In technical terms when a new device is launched, its specifications are more important that size or shape. It doesn’t mean that shape has got no points but device with better specs wins competition clearly despite good shape.

Shape of iPhone 5

Shape of smartphone is even more important from user point of view. Any device with good shape will definitely attract more customers. There must be a difference between mobile phone and a  tablet. Apple iPhone 4 / 4S had much better and elegant looks in comparison with all other competitors. The simplicity and ease of use (putting in pockets / carrying) is the key to success in terms of shape. We should not expect new iPhone with some strange looks as Apple is not going to reinvent the wheel for users. The only thing will be difference of size which we have discussed earlier. The elegant look of current generation iPhone looks lot better than all other smartphones. In case of Laptop and MacBooks, we only look for specs in latest models. Have you ever been disappointed by new Laptop due to its shape? But poor or same old specs of Laptop will disappoint you for sure.

Outlook of iPhone 5

Another which matters a lot for any hit or flop is the appearance. Besides size and shape, if the new iPhone design will be closer to 3G or 3GS, it will never attract customers. As already said, people were highly impressed by Apple’s iPhone 4/ 4S decent and elegant look so they will never accept iPhone with a funky appearance. Now if Apple doesn’t change the looks of their next generation iPhone, you may find a large number of critics against it but nothing can compete with the elegance maintained by Apple smartphone so far. We should not expect any change in basic skeleton of iPhone 5.

Operating System (iOS 6) of Apple iPhone 5

Along with the launch of new iPhone, Apple has also planned to launch new operating system for users. iOS 6 beta versions have already been released for developers only. With iPhone 4S, iOS 5 was also released but this time Apple seems promising and they are not going to disappoint their loyal customers with providing them almost same operating system. Apple has promised more than 200 features for the upcoming iOS 6. However, we must keep our expectations closer to possibilities. If you think that with iOS 6 you will be able to land on moon with the speed of light or likewise, it wont be possible as of now. But with new iPhone 5, iOS 6 the combination is going to bring some special new features which will completely change the user experience and bring the phone parallel to all other Android competitors in market.

Apple iPhone 5 Storage and Price

The 16GB iPhone 4S came up with £499 price tag. Cost of 64GB iPhone went up till £699. The price tags for next generation iPhone with same memory will be same as was in case of iPhone 4S. However, as per some rumors, iPhone 5 is not going to release model with 16GB of memory and the highest memory set will be of 128 whose price may rise up to £799 mark.

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