Tips on How to Enhance Battery Life on iOS 7

In this era iOS 7 has proved to be the biggest update iOS  in history, with hundreds of new features to boot and lots of hidden features waiting to be explored. IOS curious fans would be eager to maximize the benefits of every feature of the new operating system. While these features and redesign are incredible yet performance and battery life of iOS on older devices has suffered.

Battery Charging iOS 7

How to Enhance Battery Life on iOS 7

We know that your first priority is always the better battery life time, so here are some settings especially for you  to help you to get a few hours out of your device. Same has happened after the launch of iOS 6 and here we guided you on How to Fix iOS 6 Battery Drain Problem on iPhone 5 as well as some tips once iPad 3 was launched. [How to Improve Battery Life of iPad 3]. It means with a new update, battery drain comes as a regular phenomenon so there is no need to be worried.

Disable App Background Refresh on iOS 7

1. Background Refresh App

At last, iOS 7 brings true multitasking to the iOS platform. This means that applications running in the background if you need them. Although Apple claims that this will not reduce the battery too, but it will. To use this feature, we recommend at least turn it off for applications that do not need it. So, back to the whole feature off is a good idea. For this, go to Settings> General and choose Background App Upgrade.

2. Plug the Charger in Time

Never be ashamed to connect your device! If you are using your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad a lot, plug it to recharge whenever you can. At home, at work, in the car, there are plenty of opportunities to recharge your battery. It is sure a little more complicated with a new device, because even a year later, Ray connectors are not as common as 30-pin connectors old, but if you work on the road or in an office, get some extras. They more than pay for themselves when the device works when you need it!

3.  Airplane Mode

Desperate for long battery life? Put your iPhone or iPad on Airplane mode and save the radios when needed. Another option is to turn your device completely until you need it. This will continue to use a small amount of energy, but much less than any other solution.

4. Turn off Automatic Updates of App Store

If  you are trying to save battery life turning off automatic updates of App Store is also very important. Determines which applications can update its contents when the WiFi or mobile network or use location services. Go to Settings > iTunes and App Store > scroll down to the Automatic Downloads section to turn off ‘Updates’ switch.

5.  Reduce Motion

Go to Settings> General > Accessibility > Zoom Motion.

This time Apple has introduced new features to your device and if you want to save power and turn them off and you can play Candy Crush, fashion history, Where ‘s My Water ? etc for long. That precious Parallax effect which moves the phone and the wallpaper is moved slightly to give a 3D effect, so it could drain the battery and can be turned off. Just be aware of these useful steps.

6. Battery Percentage

To get rid of the battery percent icon in the top bar of your phone, go to Settings> General > Usage and turn Battery Percentage.

7. Reduce the Brightness

The screen is one of the largest energy consuming feature in any iOS device. If the battery is running low, go to the Settings app then  to Wallpapers and brightness, enable or disable automatic brightness adjustment. Now you are be in total control of how bright the screen is.

8. Switch off Locations and Notifications of all Unnecessary Apps

We know that you love the game and every time it’s time to play your favorite game again, we here should tell you something. The all time blinking Notifications of games and applications can be not only annoying, but also a battery drain. Therefore, get rid of it. Go to Settings> Notifications Center and then see what applications are giving you notifications. Turn off and your battery life will go up definitely.

Similarly, the location is a big power user which means you should make sure to turn off location services are applications that do not really need. You can go over and turn it off at all or can be individually set which applications are accessing and which do not. To do this, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

9. Turn off Raise to Speak and Radios

You know that radios include speakers so they consume a lot of battery. If you are just playing a game or using some app that does’nt require sound, it must be tuned off in order to preserve as much battery as you can. Once not in use, go to toggle on Airplane Mode further in Control Center to turn off all radios. If you are a Siri user, you must be knowing that raise to speak feature which requires a proximity sensor to work overtime and if you have no problems with using simple press-and-hold function, raise to speak can be turned off, Settings -> General -> Siri -> Raise to Speak.

10. Close Unnecessary Apps

If you are old iPhone or Apple touch devices user, you must be having idea what we mean here. Actually the procedure for force closing of unnecessary applications is just double press that home button of device to show up the running apps in background. Once the running apps show up in the lower pane, tap and press over any one of them to select them for further closing. All the icons on the lower pane will start vibrating with a cross sign to be closed. Just close all those apps which are not required.

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