Draw Pictures in Messages to Send to Friends with Grafiti [Cydia Tweak]

There are quite a few reasons which make Jailbreak Cydia Tweaks a must download for users. The Cydia Tweaks are not only just colorful apps like many fun apps on Apple App Store rather they mean business, and provide services in shape of usefulness, compactness and uniqueness. Now if at all there is some utility app on Apple App store, rest assure it is not going to modify the original layout of iOS and secondly utility apps are too expensive.

Cydia Tweak

Cydia Tweaks with much more functionality bring a lot more for you either Free of cost or at very low price. All of us send messages to our friends and most of us send messages with some gestures like smiley or other customized ones. Have you ever thought of sending a message to your friend, loved one or colleague with a gesture that is not available. Also there are times when you want to give a special touch to a gesture.


The all new Cydia Tweak Grafiti allows you to draw custom gestures with your fingers and send them after composing in a message. Now you can imagine that anything can be drawn using your fingers and its all up to you what is to be sent. I don’t want to say that this Tweak is going to improve your drawing skills because normally people have no interest in it. Initially the drawings may not be good which are going to definitely improve a bit in some time. But custom gestures drawn and sent to your friends or known people will be a great fun. Imagine the difference between sending a gesture heart to someone you propose or heart drawn in a message with with your fingers. He or She is going to smile at your poor heart shaky heart but it will contain more love and affection as compared to other.


The only point to remember while installing this tweak is to enable second keyboard on your iPhone. In order to enable the secondary keyboard adopt the following procedure:

Settings > General > Keyboard > International Keyboards > Add New Keyboard

Here you can select any secondary keyboard available of your choice. The reason you need to add the secondary keyboard is to enable the World icon on the keyboard. The function of this icon is that it allows your to switch between both the keyboards and also allows you to enable the white board which is necessary for Grafiti to work.

When secondary keyboard is enabled, open the Messages app followed by tap and hold World icon. A pop-up menu will be presented to you and here you can select the whiteboard. The interface of whiteboard is simple and easy to use with all required options to clear, undo, and redo, create colors and to adjust the desired size of the objects made. When you have completed your drawing, tap over done and your drawing will be transferred to create new message where you can add text if required. A question must be coming to your mind but I tell that the individual who receives this message doesn’t require a Jail-broken iPhone.

This Tweak is highly useful and performance is up to the desired standards. You can get it right now from Cydia’s BigBoss repo for the price of $0.99.

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