Download iOS 7.0.2 Build 11A501 to Fix Lock Screen Bypass Bug

People saw some intrepid explorers Apple, bypass security lock screen core of the program just days after the first version of iOS 7, i-e 7.0 released. Apple has now released iOS 7.0.2 to fix the lock screen weaknesses. This vulnerability involves a complex series of taps on a iOS lock screen to access a wide range of applications of user containing valuable information and personal data such as photos, email, text messages and Facebook accounts, Twitter and such other  personal accounts.

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iOS 7.0.2 is available forall compatible devices. Along with the launch of the new iPhone,  Apple released iOS 7.0.1, but this was the only version for iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. This update by Apple can also be called as security update.

Release Notes iOS 7.0.2

Update is recommended for all users existing iOS 7 to install iOS security bug fixes. Brief notes contained in the OTA update is as follows,

  • Fixes bugs that could allow someone to bypass the Lock screen passcode.
  • Reintroduces a Greek keyboard option for passcode entry

Number of building for iOS 7.0.2 is 11A501.

This update also includes re-enter the types of Greek keyboard input access codes in the lock screen. This option was available again in iOS 6 and will now  also work on iOS7. It is also possible that this update has to do reforms with the first iOS7  Tips and Tricks  as is the case with the first updates for Apple ‘s mobile operating system once the hackers can break it often.

Download iOS 7.0.2 Through Computer or OTA

If you’re targeting to download  iOS 7.0.2, you can do this by connecting to your iPhone, iPad or iPod to your computer, and improvement through iTunes. If you are working directly through the device itself, you only need to follow these steps,

  • Go to Settings.
  • Head to General.
  • Tap on Software Update.

There you will find the following message: 17.4 MB 7.0.2 Apple iOS, and identifies errors that could allow a person to bypass the password lock screen. iOS 7.0.2 is a very small download and quickly get through the OTA. You will need to be in a WiFi to use more air changes: To do this,

  • Open the “Settings”
  • Go to “Software Update “
  • Select ” Download and Install”

Points to Remember While Updating iOS 7.0.2

  • Do not disconnect your device until the update has finished completely.
  • Restore the device from previous backup and sync with iTunes, if you have backed up data.
  • Once the new iOS version is installed, the device will reboot and run the latest version.

iOS 7.0.2 IPSW Build 11A501 – Direct Download Links

iPad2(Wi-Fi) (iPad2,1) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPad2(AT&T) (iPad2,2) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPad2(Verizon) (iPad2,3) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPad2,4 (iPad2,4) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPad2,5 (iPad2,5) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPad2,6 (iPad2,6) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPad2,7 (iPad2,7) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPad3,1 (iPad3,1) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPad3,2 (iPad3,2) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPad3,3 (iPad3,3) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPad3,4 (iPad3,4) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPad3,5 (iPad3,5) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPad3,6 (iPad3,6) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPhone4 (iPhone3,1) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPhone3,2 (iPhone3,2) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPhone4(Verizon) (iPhone3,3) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPhone4S (iPhone4,1) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPhone5,1 (iPhone5,1) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPhone5,2 (iPhone5,2) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPhone5,3 (iPhone5,3) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPhone5,4 (iPhone5,4) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPhone6,1 (iPhone6,1) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPhone6,2 (iPhone6,2) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPodTouch(5G) (iPod5,1) 7.0.2 (11A501)

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