Download Instagram 3.0 After Major Update for iPhone, iPad, iPod

Instagram is a photo sharing application which is rising in its popularity with each and every passing day. We know that Flickr is a photo sharing website by Yahoo and has a huge fan base but Instagram will not be less than anyone. Instagram users are increasing because this social like application allows you to take pictures from iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and share it immediately. This thing cannot be done over the computer that’s why it is becoming more popular on smartphones, iOS, Tablets and Android.


You get the ability to edit your pictures making use of this app by adding great effects / filters by tapping over the right places. Secondary advantage of this application is that you can share the picture not only on Instagram but also on other famous social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr etc. Now recently Instagram application has been updated to the latest version 3.0 with many updates in to the existing package. The app has been updated for iOS as well as Android devices to make the user experience better.

Instagram Photo Map Feature

You know that a basic feature in Instagram is the Photo Map and the update is going to bring a lot of positive changes in this app. The question arises that how this feature works in this app? Well, after you install this updated version it is going to show user’s photos with geolocation on the map. It also shows pictures taken in one area stacked together in groups. Once you zoom out of the map, photo stacks are shown on large areas, but when you zoom in, same stacks are separated. And when you visit your own profile on Instagram, over there you will find Photo Map, which is now your images map. You can tap on the map to add images for editing and to change the privacy of those images.

Improved User Profiles

The new Instagram updated app has improved user profiles. These profiles, hashtag, and location pages all include larger grid photos to make it easier to take a look at photos in grid view without having to tap on each one. The new profile pages also contain a button for the Photo Map feature. This button is grayed if the user don’t approve the feature or hasn’t enabled it yet. You can also view other users’ Photo Map by going to their profile.

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