Display iPhone All Apps in Full Screen Mode with Maximization [Cydia Tweak]

There are a couple of Apps available on Cydia App store which have the ability to remove status bar from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This way once the status bar is removed, you can get the device to see in Full Screen mode. The latest on Cydia App Store is Maximization which also allow users to make any app (including third-party) run in full-screen mode, without the status bar displayed.

You have a long list of options available in settings panel from where you can select, where you want Maximization to show full screen and where you want normal display. What is available to you in status bar? You can get access to only time and battery level but if you forget about these two things while using the iPhone for sometime especially watching some video clips, using browsers or editing some document there is no need of status bar actually. You can also get the same information with some other tools also.

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I felt the requirement of full screen for the first time when I switched over back to iPhone after using iPad. Now you must be thinking that status bar is already very slim and how much space it is going to consume on screen. But you really feel the difference once it is gone and full screen display is visual. Another reason to use this Tweak is that once you are doing something which requires concentration without distraction of looking at time again and again, Maximization is the best tool available to you.

Apparently it is a stable tweak with no known issues so you can install it without any hassle. Some other apps do not remove the status bar completely rather they show black colored bar on the top. This removes the clock from it but still there is a black line. So the best one is Maximization Tweak in which the bar can be totally removed from customized applications through settings. Select the apps where you don’t want to show the status bar such as documents, news, mails, messages etc.

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The app is available for Free and can be found in ModMyi repository on Cydia. All you need is to Jailbreak your device in order to install this as well as other great Cydia Apps. If you have not Jailbroken your device so far, you can do it by using our tutorials for Untethered Jailbreak through Redsn0w or Absinthe.

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