How to Disable Automatic App Updates in iOS 7

The new iOS 7 feature that lets your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad automatically download and install application updates as they become available. iOS can take care of it for you without any effort on your part. Some of us, however, prefer to control our updates and you can not meet the automatic application updates. (Disabling updates can help you to conserve battery)

iOS 7 App Updates

Here we have a way to disable auto app updates, to do this, you have to follow below given steps;

  • Start the setup application home screen of your iPhone or iPad.
  • Scroll down and tap iTunes and App Store.
  • In the automatic download section, clear the Check for Updates option OFF.

In iOS 7, applications are automatically updated in the background without opening App Store and then click the Refresh button. When the update is complete, the App Store will show a notification in the notification center the updated application. Silent update application is definitely a nice feature.

But this new feature has a downside, too. For example, sometimes application updates break certain features, or change the way we normally use the application. And also stop application updates download and install in place and wait for update plays like it has always done in previous versions of iOS 6. In addition, there is no way to prevent iOS 7 from updating a particular application, if you use automatic updates, for example, if you like the previous version of an application, but believes that the new is terrible, you can not prevent be updated unless automatic updates off completely.

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