Difference Between Tethered and Untethered Jailbreak on iOS Devices

Since the introduction of iOS based devices, people around world had been looking for means to install apps other than those offered by Apple. The first Jailbreak came soon after the release of iOS 1.0 by iPhone Dev Team. The breakthrough came with the hard work of enthusiast developers in shape of Pwnage tool allowing users of iPhone and iPod Touch to jailbreak iOS 1.1.1 with installer.app as application installer. The term Jailbreak means, bringing your device out of the jail, where Apple has placed your device by not allowing you to install apps not approved by Apple.  The term Jailbreak is similar to that of privilege escalation in Windows Platform or rooting in Linux / Android Platforms.

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What is Jailbreak

Jailbreaking is the process of bringing your iOS based device out of application installation limitation imposed by Apple by using Hardware or Software exploits. When we switch On our iOS device, it initially loads Apple’s kernel which need to be patched by using these hardware / software exploits to achieve Jailbreak.

Types of Jailbreak

Jailbreak has been divided into two types one of which is “Tethered” and the other is “Untethered”.

What is Tethered Jailbreak

When an iOS device after being Jailbroken, if reboots at its own by user / owner and looses its Jailbroken state, this type of Jailbreak is known as “Tethered Jailbreak”. The device with Tethered Jailbreak needs to be Jailbroken again.

What is Untethered Jailbreak

When an iOS device after being Jailbroken, restarts at its won or is restarted by the user / owner and it reboots back in its Jailbroken state is known as “Untethered Jailbreak”.

History of Jailbreaking

iOS Version            Release Date            Jailbroken Date            Jailbroken By

iOS 1.0                     June 29, 2007        July 10, 2007             iPhone Dev Team

iOS 2.0                    July 11, 2008          July 20, 2008             iPhone Dev Team

iOS 3.0                    March 17, 2009     June 19, 2009             iPhone Dev Team

iOS 4.0                    June 21, 2010         June 21–23, 2010     iPhone Dev Team

iOS 5.0                    October 12, 2011   October 13, 2011       iPhone Dev Team

List of JailBreaking Tools

Tool Name                                     Developed By

Pwnage Tool                                  iPhone Dev Team

Redsn0w                                         iPhone Dev Team

JailBreakMe                                  Comex

Absinthe                                         pod2g, Chronic Dev Team

Latest iOS Jailbreaking Tools Download

Redsnow 0.9.14 – Developed by iPhone Dev Team and can be downloaded from here.

JailBreakMe 3.0 – Developed by Comex (with help of others) and available for download from this site.

Absinthe 2.04 –     Developed by Chronic Dev Team and can be downloaded from here.

Jailbreaking iOS has always been a hot topic for Apple iOS based devices. Digital Millennium Copyright Act permits Jailbreaking in USA and is legal, however, Apple has declared that Jailbreaking may void Warranty. Therefore, before you jailbreak read in details about its effects on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Warranty issues.

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