Dashboard X 2.0 Cydia Tweak Updated to Add Widgets on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Those who have Jailbroken their devices keep a list of their must have list because it adds up in making your iOS device much more useful. Many tweaks and apps either on Apple App store or Cydia Store are just for the purpose of fun and that’s all instead some are really useful. If we start comparing, Cydia apps add much more utility to iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Apple officially adds some features to their iOS which are granted to users by default, rest all the apps are meant to enhance user experience but Cydia Tweaks make physical changes on your device. However, if you Jailbreak your device, you are going to lose warranty of existing set.

Cydia Apps

Dashboard X 2.0 Cydia Tweak has been released and is available for download. The new version of Dashboard X is 2.0 which has brought a number of new features. The new dashboard app is being updated on regular basis as we have seen 2 to 3 updated versions released in few days after the launch. The new app is promising to fix the bugs whihc were there in previous version of this application. Once the Dashboard X 2.o was released, it also contained a lot many bugs which have been removed now for both versions i.e iPhone as well as iPad.

If you don’t have any idea about this Tweak, Dashboard X v1.0 was one of the most popular Cydia Tweaks of all times which added an awesome widgets system for iOS which works in conjunction with the existing notification center widgets and puts them over the home screen which is a similar dashboard screen same as in case of OS X. The custom widget added with this Cydia Tweak gives an awesome look which has the ability to compete with similar widget system in Android.

Have you ever heard of dashboard widgets? They’re actually smaller forms of apps and stay open on the springboard’s launcher. Adding a new widget is very simply where you have to tap / hold empty space to add widgets. With Dashboard X 2.0, you get the ability replace background options means that it is themable and works with all widgets.

Developer of this tweak is Ori Kadosh who has revamped the same app for iPad with a completely new interface. In case of iPhone and iPod Touch, features such like resizing the widgets and replacing of background have been added.

In case of iPad, widgets can be added to the SpringBoard without leaving pane. You have to tap on the icon to go to wiggle mode followed by holding finger over blank space on the dashboard. New dialog will open with all the compatible widgets that you currently have loaded. Select the widgets, set options and widget is now ready to be positioned.

Dashboard X 2.0 offers a Dashboard mode, which is a standalone screen that can be accessed using an Activator action, which is similar to original version. Assign widgets directly to the Dashboard using Settings app also.

Change log for Dashboard X 2.0 version:

1) Dropped the alert for deleting widgets.
2) Pop over for adding a new widget on the iPad
3) Resizing widgets (two finger pinch)
4) New animations for adding a new widget on iPhone
5) ‘Duck’ (contrary to the name, it does not, ‘suck’ :P) animation when removing widgets
6) In ‘Add New Widget’ dialog widgets no longer have “_” in their names
7) Compatibility with no dots tweak
8) Option added to ‘replace background’ — replaces widgets’ backgrounds with a nicer ones
9) When in wiggle mode and moving widgets, a tap and hold is required before actually moving the  widget, like with normal app icons.
10) Different positions for different orientations on the iPad (on home screen)
11) Dashboard screen supports all (landscape right, left and portrait upside down) orientations.

For existing users, app is available for Free update while for new users, they can go to ModMyi repository from Cydia on their Jailbroken device.

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