How To Close Running Applications On iOS 7

As we all know know that launch of iOS 7 faced some early difficulties, despite the fact, many iPhone and iPad users are running iOS 7 on their mobile devices due to its overwhelming demand. Apple has made some significant changes in the appearance, functionality and almost in all other aspects of the operating system. People are feeling kind of overwhelmed, not knowing where to start navigating.

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close running apps

Every iPhone user knows how to close running applications, double-tap the Home button and cross the application icons jiggling on your screen. Even for a new user, it’s simple and easy to learn. However, in iOS 7, this function does not work the same way now. Double tapping the home button always brings your application icons at the bottom of the screen, but now there are examples of screens that each application is running at the moment. And no amount of tapping furiously button will cause them to jiggle.

The new method for iOS 7 to completely leave your applications running, is still easier than iOS 6. It also prevent them from running in the background.

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Steps To Close A Running Application On iOS 7

To close an application, just simply press the Home button to return to the home screen. If the application is in a folder, you must double-tap the Home button to return to the home screen, since you have to travel through the file before you can get to the home screen.

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