How to Enable Bold Text on iOS 7

Undoubtedly, iOS 7 has made a grand entry to its user’s life. It has made things quite better but at the same time some complaints are coming from the users who have upgraded to iOS 7. One of the most common complaint is that of  Fonts, in particular i.e they are thin and light in the new version of iOS. People find them hard to see.

Fonts ios 7

Enhance Text Legibility on iOS 7

We have a solution here. Yes, you can configure an option in the operating system’s settings to make things more readable. You can make the font big upto your desired size. There’s a simple way to make almost everything on your iOS device more readable, legible. You simply have to use the Accessibility settings to enable bold text. Enabling this Bold Font trick is quite easy and once that’s done you’ll be able to actually read text comfortably.

How to Enable Bold Text on iOS 7

Here we give you the procedure to switch to bold font. To do this:

  1. Go to the Settings menu
  2. Scroll down to General
  3. Now tap Accessibility
  4.  Head Bold Text and turn it ‘on’
  5.  ‘Continue’ to restart to get bold font

And if you wish to go back to the thin, light font simply repeat the steps above and turn the “Bold Text” option to Off.

Fonts iOS 7

iOS 7 provides you the capability to turn on Bold Text. Bold Text is not a battery consumer, it does not drain the battery. [Read: Enhance Battery Life on iOS 7] It provides a better bold display. You’ll notice that once the text and icons of your iDevice are not faded anymore, you’ll feel better because of sharp display. You can feel the difference in the first picture that on left side, the fonts are comparatively fade while after changing them to Bold, the result is on right side where of same picture where the text is in a better shape. Now comes to enabling the fonts’ size either bigger or smaller. To do this go to Accessibility settings under which you tap on the slider next to Bold Text, this will help making the font appear to be more thick and richer in either black or white.  And it prompts you with an alert stating when you turn it ‘on’ or ‘off’. Do not forget to restart you device each time you switch the option to ‘on’ or ‘off’.

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