BiteSMS Updated to 6.3 Download at Half Price From Cydia

What is BiteSMS

First of you must be having a general idea that what is BiteSMS application itself. SMS is the no doubt most useful thing when i comes to mobile phones. As far as older versions of mobiles are concerned we never had any kind of flexibility in case of messages. It was so far so good but after the introduction of smartphones, things have really taken a U turn because a smartphone has a lot to offer you besides a mobile phones only. Personally if I am using an application and in case of an incoming message I don’t want to close down the particular app, reply and then open the same app again. I still remember when N series from Nokia were the top mobile phones in the World, while using their browser, if a message would come, I had to close the browser followed by a reply. That was alright in the early stages but now I feel irritated if I have to close the opened app just to reply SMS.


BiteSMS was the best app to solve this issue which was introduced by Jailbreak community. While using any application such as browser, games and even while watching some video the killer feature of this app that is quick reply is popped up on the screen giving you the option to reply SMS from within the app. The function of this app is somewhat similar to BrowseInApp which can open the links from within the SMS or email app. BiteSMS is only available for you if you have Jailbroken your device otherwise enjoy. Besides the feature which has just been told, there are some other advantages of this Cydia App as well. It has remained one of the best Cydia application for year 2011 so it is a must have app. Obviously the kind of functions BiteSMS provides you cannot be given free of cost.

Recently it has been updated to version 6.3 which is latest and along with that the price has been cut to 50 percent for a limited time. The expensive app costs you for $9.99 normally which is temporarily available for the price of $5 only. like every new update, the current update has also brought about quite a few changes to the existing app. Now a number of known existing bugs have been removed with few other important changes especially addition of new themes.

Change Log in BiteSMS 6.3 Update

1. New great themes.

2. Added a ‘Mark as Read’ icon in the Apple banner roll notification.

3. Ability to display the contact picture in the ‘Lock Screen Notification List‘.

4. Better Quick Reply options. check BiteSMS, Settings, Quick Reply: Lock Mode and Unlock Mode.

5. Fixed iPad issues.

6. Fixed new iPhone issues (currently in China) in relation to Emoji character encoding.

7. Fixed bug in Quick Compose volume HUD in iOS 5.1.1.

8. Some other minor bugs fixed.

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