Top 10 Best Winterboard Themes of 2013

With the start of new year the some users who are fed up of their old themes or old look of their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch must be looking for some new attractive themes. We have listed some new themes over here for your iDevice. For adding Winterboard themes, your device must be Jailbroken otherwise you will only be restricted to iTunes themes. The advantages of Winterboard themes are much more than those of iTunes. Those users who love to have customized look on their devices must go for Winterboard themes. But if you dont want to Jailbreak your device, its your own choice.


Secondly, those users who have devices whose tethered Jailbreak is only possible such as iPhone 5 with iOS 6 or older versions with iOS 6 and they do not want to have partial Jailbreak must wait for the release of Untethered Jailbreak.

Top 10 Winterboard Themes for 2013

Personally, I prefer those themes which change the appearance of icons as well. Initially, you may face difficulty but if you want to enjoy the real change, that is the best solution, however, we have not ranked our themes with this criteria in mind. Some of the great themes to have on your device in this year are as under:

Faith HD Theme

faith hd theme

A theme with two major versions, i.e, bright and dark. This theme allows you to have millions of customizations within itself. If you want to have some new look, you can have it even on daily basis. Bright version seems better than dark but you can switch over to dark once there is a need to have some change. The best thing which I like about Faith HD Theme is the weather icon graphics with kind of real time view.

iNitsua Z Twilight 3volution Theme


iNitsua Z Twilight 3volution is one of the best themes ever made for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. This theme is included everywhere in the top lists over the web because of it offers a lot of customizations to the users and also because of its great icons.

Revi Krs Theme

Revi Krs

Take your iPhone or iPod Touch to the next level of customization and elegance. This is my favorite theme but is a little bit tricky to install. Once you have this theme, this is going to completely change your experience as a user. The icons in this themes are not completely changed but certain great changes will take place which you are definitely going to like.

Elite PRO HD


Another great theme for those who like something new to be done over their iPhone, iPad or iPod.  Best points which make this particular theme better than others are its simplicity of use and a true example of classic theme. Another positive aspect of this theme is that you are not going to feel any drop in speed of device while using it.

BaSalt HD

basalt HD

All new theme with simple look and easy to use format for all kind of users. The basic aim of developer was to make elegant theme in simple colours like black or gray keeping it towards darker side. There are a lot many features in this theme which asks users to explore it in depth. A theme which will definitely enhance the look of your iPhone.

Edgy iOS 5 Theme

edgy Theme

If you want to make other jealous and ask you about what you are using on your iPhone, this theme is going to work here. Edgy is another great highly customizable theme which already has hundreds of mods  to make changes within itself. There are so many things which can be done over this theme that they can be called endless.

iRE HD by ZFrost


It is another good theme with all new look for the users who are looking for some new changes on their iPhone this year. There are many customized items available for you to explore in this theme.

EZ4U2NV i5 / iPhone 4 / iPad


EZ4U2NV is now a well known name in the World of Winterboard themes. The latest version of this theme is i5 which was launched by the developer after iPhone 5 release. This theme has also some different appearance for you especially those who have not heard about it. A high rated theme and it has been noticed that people take as one of the best theme when they use it.

SE7EN HD iPhone Theme


Se7en theme comes in lot many variations. You can try it in dark as well as light shades as it comes in many colors. Se7en theme can be called as the theme for all kind of people. Girls may want some light pink appearance on their phone. The reason it is named se7en is that it comes in 7 different colors.

Glasklart HD


The theme was launched last year with a large number of bugs that is why could not make a good place among a mot many others. However after the updates, it is now another addition to other great themes on Cydia Winterboard. It is recommended for those like to have some transparent icons effect on their device.

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