Avoid Unnecessary Calls on iPhone with Turn to Hangup [Cydia Tweak]

For those users whoa get fed up with too many incoming calls on their cellphone and they don’t want to receive it, “Turn to Hangup” is all new Cydia application for them. Simple solutions to avoid incoming calls are to hangup, switch off orĀ  just don’t receive it. But you know that whenever your phone is ringing and even if it is on silent you are disturbed due to vibration. If you are concentrating on some important work, your concentration is also lost as you know that the phone is ringing. If you use other measures such as cutting of calls, sending message or switching off, you give a wrong gesture to the one who is calling you. Secondly, whosoever is calling once rejected by any means like message or directly is definitely going to call you after sometime.

Turn to Hangup

The best way to get rid of unwanted calls from anyone without getting bugged is to make use of ‘Turn to Hangup’ Cydia Tweak developed by Jose Fidalgo Hidalgo. Turn to Hangup makes no new icon on your springboard and you can control the Cydia app from settings. Once the app is installed you can always enable or disable it through settings. When this tweak is enabled, you can place the iPhone upside down on the table to avoid calls. There will be no message sent to the caller but simply the call will be avoided without bothering you.

There is a second enable option for the tweak as well in which you can shake to silence the incoming call. Once this option is enabled if the iPhone is already silent, you can remove its vibrations by shaking it. If it is not silent, then you can bring it to silent without vibrations by a simple jerk. You will only require to give it a little jerk to stop the vibrations or ringer. Don’t think that you will require a lot of force to avoid the call.

Turn to Hangup option is a little tricky to which requires sometime for users to be tuned. If you are not tuned in the beginning you may ignore many important calls also by placing the iPhone upside down. Otherwise it is a very useful Cydia application which provides a lot of flexibility. This app is available for download under BigBoss Repo. All you need to is to Jailbreak your iPhone in order to install this Cydia Tweak and many others such as Maximization, Dashboard X 2.0, BrowseInApp and many more.

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