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If you are a user of third generation Apple TV (1080p), and waiting for its Jailbreak to come sooner, it is a bad news that you may have to wait for a long time. According to recent tweet by famous Jailbreak Backer Pod2g, no one is working on Apple TV 3 Jailbreak. Till the last Jailbreak of iOS 5.1.1 we noticed that Untethered versions of Absinthe as well as Redsn0w were only available for Apple TV 2.

Now for those who were waiting for ATV 3 Jailbreak since long, will be hurt by this news. We have seen many ATV users retaliating in reply to pod2g. The thing which has caused the maximum tension is that since the launch of Apple TV 2 Jailbreak was launched for Apple TV 2 along with iOS 5.1.1 we heard that iPhone Dev Team was working on Apple TV 3 as well. So the users of ATV 3 were satisfied enough that eventually the Jailbreak would come. But now this news has spoiled the mood of many users: According to Pod2g’s tweet:

ATV3 jailbreak: I have no news sadly, I’m not currently working on it nor anyone that I’m aware of. Sorry…

Tweet Pod2gAs he has stated that he is not working currently on Apple TV 3 and at the same time he has got no news, this means no one known has guts to do it. There are no news with him that any is there any team working for the upcoming Jailbreak of ATV 3, so lets see now discomfort leads to some positive response or not.

Since the launch of Apple TV 3 in March there had been more than one developments in the field of Jailbreak but all were up to Apple TV 2. It is very sad that Apple TV is always neglected by Jailbreak community maybe due to the reason that it is an iOS device with least number of users. In the present situation Apple TV 2 is being sold for more price as compared to 3rd generation TV just because you can have more fun with it. With the Jailbreak of Apple TV 2 a number of restriction posed by Apple were bypassed. You can run XBMC with some other media management apps which allow you to access media stored on file servers and play media which is not supported by Apple.

It is not like that, ATV 3 will never be Jailbroken but the problem is that you never know how long you will have to wait for releasing the same device from the shackles of Apple slavery. Hope for the best and wait if you can otherwise go for an alternate.

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